DIY Jar Lid Stamps

I was inspired to make these after seeing a post on another blog using wax on jar lids, I have just spent over an hour trying to find that post again and can’t. I will keep trying, I feel so strongly to cite any place I get inspiration from and am beyond frustrated I can’t find it. It’s now a quest! ** Found it thanks to Laura : Here it is Bottle Cap Stamps These were so fun to make, easy and worked so well. We will be making these again for sure. There is something amazing when kids see something they helped make work so well.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some recycled jar lids, foam, double stick tape, a marker, scissors, a stamp pad and some paper.
  2. Start by drawing shapes on a piece of foam. My son chose a star and a car , while my choice was a flower.
  3. Cut the pictures out.
  4. Layer a square of foam on the jar lid , using double stick tape to secure it.
  5. Add your shapes , using double stick tape. Make sure it’s as flat as possible.
  6. Press it into the stamp pad.
  7. Print onto your paper.

Do you know what shape this is?
What shape this is?
What shape this is?

Do you know what shape this is I’m holding in my hand?


“Ship Shapes” by Stella Blackstone and Siobhan Bell is a bright, colorful and engaging book all about finding shapes. The text is simple and serves really only to support the reader’s efforts finding shapes throughout the book. What I like is that these illustrations are challenging, and not really illustrations at all. They are fabric collages that are so detailed and layered that some of the obvious shapes are easy to find but many are hidden. So if you are reading this with an older child there is still some challenge.

“So Many Circles, So many Squares” by Tana Hoban is a picture book that is all about shapes in our environment. There is page after page of pictures of daily life, food, signs etc… with the simple question of finding the shapes in the photos. It’s a great book to use as a launch pad into a shape hunt in your own home or around town and worth a few looks because you will be surprised at the shapes you missed the first time.


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  1. Just Me says

    What a great idea! I have wanted to do some stamping with my kids but have been reluctant to go spend more money on more craft items. Love the foam idea – and recycling lids in this way! I read somewhere the other day that you can make stamp pad by putting paint onto a sponge and soaking it up from there, so we're going to try that as well since we have no stamp pads and way too much paint. LOVE your site!!!!

  2. Teri says

    Very cute! I've also used old spools (the old wooden ones, from thread) as the "handles" on home-made stampers. They're great for little hands to hold onto! And if you're not an artist at all (like me!!), using self-stick foam shapes works great!!

  3. Mama Ruck says

    Yesterday we finished a jar of peanut butter and I could not throw the lid away. It was a shiny brass lid and I just knew I could something with it. Thanks you for making my quest to find something to do with a jar lid short! By the way, we love the fabric art in Ship Shapes.

  4. Allie says

    A homemade stamp pad, how cool I have never seen that!

    Teri- great point, what an easy way to do this!

    Annette I loved your name block stamp- very very cute! Everyone should check it out ( )

    Beverly, yes I am still looking, I have a hard time letting things go… 😉 Is that a new picture of Noah? He looks so much older, I need to pop over to your blog, it's been a while.

    Thanks Jessica- I will swing by your blog to see.

  5. Tasha says

    This is going to save me a fortune! 🙂

    Another craft/game I’ve done using lids is to stick a picture (I did baby faces) in the inside and cover the picture with contact paper. I stored them in a tin and they were are fav of my son’s and many of his little friends.


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