Letter Of The Week E !

Envelope E !

We are nearing the end of our letter of the week for uppercase letters, soon we will embark on the little guys of the alphabet to mix things up and keep building on the learning we’ve already done. Before we do that though here is another E project. This letter of the week turned out to be way cuter than I expected and my son really enjoyed the addition of letters to put inside the envelopes.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 4 letter sized envelopes, a large sheet of construction paper, some scrap paper in different colors, a paper punch or scissor, markers and glue.
  2. Start by coloring your envelopes. I took the opportunity to ask my son what we put in envelopes, we talked about the post office too.
  3. While he was coloring or rather picking out which markers to use ( this took longer than coloring did) I cut out some circles and added the letters onto them.
  4. Next add your glue. I added it so that my son could see he letter. Normally I draw out the letter as the first step but there was no need today, so instead I snuck it in here.
  5. Pop the envelopes on the glue.
  6. Add your letters. This was by far my son’s favorite part. He was in a goofy mood this morning and kept saying ” Hello baby e, you go right here with your mama”as he popped the letters in. To make it more challenging for more advanced children you could put all different letters on the circles and have the child sort out only the letter e. Let dry.

Alphabet Books
Here are some of our favorite alphabet books from previous posts.

“Alphabet Soup: A Feast of Letters” by Scott Gustafson is a treat! I read a lot of alphabet books and this one stands out for so many reasons. Otter is hosting a potluck and his animal friends are all bringing something to share. Each page is devoted to an animal with a coordinating food item and more. This book is reminiscent of Graham Base’s Animalia but mush more toddler friendly. Where Animalia is great for older children because it’s so full of detail, this book brings it down a notch but still enchants you with stunning illustrations and fantastic coordinating text.

” T is for Touchdown : A Football Alphabet” by Brad Herzog is a beautiful book that will delight even those of us who are never happy to see football season start. I admit even being an anti fan this book was fun and really full of information that even a football scrooge like myself can appreciate. Also it’s easy to read simply the letters and look at the pictures for little ones and has genuinely interesting blurbs for each page for older children.

” Alphabet City” by Stephen T. Johnson is a fascinating take on an alphabet book. The alphabet is found in different places in the city, like a fire escape, and the rose window of a church. Children love trying to find the letters and adults will too! The most amazing part of this book is that the pictures are actually illustrations, they look crisp and clear like photographs but aren’t. Awesome , Amazing and definitely worth checking out!

Chicka Chicka abc by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault is a favorite. A lot of parents are familiar with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom but not this shorter board book version that is perfect for young toddlers . I started my son with this one and moved on to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at about 2. The colors are so bright even the youngest of babies will like it and the rhythm of the text will keep toddlers going too!
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