Letter of The Week F !

Fishy F !

Letter of the week was 100% kid choice this week. My son and I were road tripping to and from Vancouver this past week and I asked him what he wanted to make. He was very adamant he wanted to make a Fish F so when we got home my task was to figure out how . We’d just made some cut paper fish so I decided to use my Jar Lid Stamps and go from there.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a 2 contrasting pieces of construction paper, a fish Jar lid stamp ( make your own- instructions) , stamp pad,a marker, scissors and glue.
  2. Start by writing a large F with the marker.
  3. Have your child make waves with the marker. I think this was his favorite part. He’s been drawing waves all day since.
  4. Press your stamp on to the pad.
  5. Press!
  6. When you are done with the fish, cut out.
  7. Add glue to the back of the F
  8. Glue onto the other piece of construction paper and let dry.

“Hooray for Fish” by Lucy Cousins gets are huge “Hooray” from our house. I thought my son would think this book was a little young for him. He’s started saying board books are for babies, and he’s a big boy and even though this isn’t a board book it’s simple, big and bright like one. Nope, he loved it. Little Fish takes the readers on a tour of all the different kinds of fish , the bright fun illustrations are so interesting to look at , and choose your favorite fish on each page. The rhymes are fun and when we finished reading my son immediately asked to read it again!

“Rainbow Fish A, B, C” by Marcus Pfister is hard to write a review about. All it is is the alphabet with Rainbow Fish illustrations. My son enjoyed pointing out the letters but as a book there wasn’t much to it.

“Ten Little Fish “ by Audrey and Bruce Wood was another cute find this week. The book is a rhyming countdown story about 10 little fish and what happens to them one by one. The illustrations look like an animated movie, and the rhymes are well thought out. My one wish is that the numbers were shown as digits not simply words, so that younger children who can recognize the numbers in digit form but not yet by reading the word could more easily follow along. The ending made me giggle, and you’ll have to grab the book to find out why !

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  1. Beth says

    The stamps made of foam and jar lids are brilliant! Finally a perfect use for baby food lids, and my 4 y.o. has a blast drawing shapes and stamping. I love that it is adaptable to pretty much any theme too, cute fish. 🙂

  2. Heather @ Not a DIY Life says

    We did F for fish 2 weeks ago – great minds think alike! (ahem, I'm trying to rise to your level) I drew fish, had Ladybug color them, I cut them out, and she helped me glue them on the F. It was her first experience w/ glue and she LOVES to glue things now!

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