Recycled Rocket Craft

This craft was not planned at all, we finished our favorite apple juice at lunch and while sitting there eating we brainstormed what we could make with the bottle. This is the first time my son and I have really brainstormed together, with a concrete focus. First of all I am taken aback by how old he is getting and 2nd he had great ideas. We thought of a garbage can, a bird feeder, a worm house and then settled on this rocket! So my challenge was what could we use to make it a rocket, here’s what we did.

  1. Gather your materials. Some are missing from the picture because this craft evolved as we went, but I’ll list them all even those that aren’t pictured. You will need a clean juice bottle, 2 toilet paper rolls, some red, yellow and orange foam ( paper would do), some crayons, some recycled bottle caps, a paper grocery bag, some sparkles, a washed out applesauce container( single use), scissors, white paint and a hot glue gun and glue.
  2. Start by pouring sparkles into your bottle ( totally optional) I was hoping to go for a sparkly effect and in some parts it is but it didn’t turn out as metallic as I’d hoped.
  3. Add your paint, yes you need a lot.
  4. Pop the cap on tight and shake to cover the inside.
  5. Let dry in the hottest place you can find, it can take a while.
  6. While that is drying color your toilet paper rolls with crayons.
  7. Next cut a small square out of a grocery bag or other scrap paper and color it.
  8. Cut it into 2 triangles for wings.
  9. Cut the foam into flames .
  10. Tape them into the bottom of the toilet paper rolls , layer them for effect.
  11. When the bottle is dry, it’s time to warm up the hot glue gun. I burn my self every time I use it so please make sure your child is not within touching distance.
  12. Glue the rolls on the back.
  13. Glue the bottle caps on the front.
  14. Glue the wings on.
  15. This was an after thought but I grabbed an applesauce container and glued it on the bottom so that the flames of the rockets ( aka the toilet paper rolls) don’t get in the way of the rocket standing up on end.
  16. Play !!


Climb aboard the spaceship
we’re going to the moon,
hurry and get ready
we’re going to blast off soon,
put on your helmet
and buckle up real tight,
cause here comes the countdown
so count with all your might!
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
Blast off!!
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