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See flash cards are good for something! When a friend asked recently if  flash cards were good for anything, I jokingly replied with ” You could make a craft with them!” and so this idea was born. Flash cards aren’t inherently bad, if you play, create or need them to accommodate disabilities they can be fun or even crucial. However sitting and teaching the average preschooler with them just isn’t the best way, rote memorization and learning are not equal. So if you have some don’t throw them away, make this and dress up your playroom or kids bedroom .

  1. Gather your materials. You will need flash cards, some card stock ,double stick tape,  scissors , ribbon, and a hole punch.ASept9 001
  2. Start by deciding on a pattern for your paper. My son helped me and we took the opportunity to talk about patterns.ASept9 005
  3. Cut the paper to size. ASept9 002
  4. Attach the flash card on the paper with the double stick tape. ASept9 003
  5. Punch two holes at the top.ASept9 004
  6. Repeat 25 more times.ASept9 006
  7. Time to start lacing the cards on. I used just over 9 feet of ribbon. I left extra on both ends just in case. This is not a fun part of the craft, I forgot G and had to re-lace H-P.ASept9 007
  8. Tie bows at the end of the ribbons once all the letters are laced on. ASept9 013
  9. Put it up. My playroom is too small to allow me to get a good shot of the whole thing! ASept9 014

For another fun alphabet activity check out what I posted today at

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  1. Starr Weems de Graffenried says

    I also have a fun use for flashcards:) We got a large cardboard box and cut slits into the top. Beside each slit, we wrote a letter. Kids match the letters up and slide the flashcard into the correct slot. Cut out a trap door (we used a pipe cleaner as a handle) to remove the cards and start again.

    You can see a picture of the alphabet sorting box in the photo album at the bottom of the page here:

    Oh, yeah- And we also use the flashcards for another matching activity involving alphabet lacing beads:

  2. says

    HI, I love you layout, but I’m having a bit of a problem. The feed doesn’t update over on my site. As you know you are an EXTREME favorite of mine and I was shocked when I noticed there wasn’t an update in 6 days–very unlike you. I thought since maybe you are an “expert” in the are you might know why it’s not updating. I understand if you don’t, but I wasn’t sure how to fix this. Thanks so much! Trish

  3. admin says

    Starr- Thanks for those activities !

    Tanya- I need to check those out, I am trying to brainstorm another 5 senses week and those would be cool for a touch activity. I remember tracing texture flashcards in kindergarten.

    Trish- I’m so glad you checked in, you could try resubscribing at the bottom of the page. Sadly I am so not technical but I will get to the bottom of this !

  4. Angell says

    Ooooh, now I know what to do with all my son’s Thomas the tank engine flash cards…..that will make a perfect decoration for the Thomas themed bedroom. Of course, my son will care more about the side of the flash card that has the train, instead of the letters.

    And since I will be homeschooling, that will be a great idea for just an “educational” decoration. I might have to go out and actually buy a pretty set of flash cards for that.

    BTW, I start Kindergarten Sept 2010 and I will be using your letters of the week crafts. I’m so glad you started with the lowercase. I did some awhile ago but we stopped at the letter L, but I think next year we will start over and do a lowercase as well. I kept them on the wall in the bedroom, kind of like a border. But they got so dusty. I think this time around I will laminate them before putting them on the wall (easy cleaning). I will have to add things like pipe cleaners afterwards or look for an alternative. That makes such a wonderful addition to a kid’s bedroom wall with all those letters.
    Thanks for such creativity

    • admin says

      Thanks! You are my hero when it comes to how awesome websites look so coming from you that means a bunch! Yeah my categories are a little umm… lengthy right now. When the menu is finished I am going to trim them a little!

  5. says

    Ha – well, shucks…. 🙂 Although your categories are lengthy, it really has everything laid out so nicely. Maybe have a page like that? Or not… This way, having everything right there really draws in the reader to all the fantastic ideas and content that you offer.

    One thing that would be great is the ability to subscribe to comments… 😉

    AND – you kept your PR 4 – way to go, how did you do that??


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