Food Coloring Leaves

Autumn Leaves Craft

This craft was one of those ideas that I had and hoped I wouldn’t regret. Food coloring , small eye droppers that squirt and a toddler could have been a recipe for disaster but not only did we have fun and survive , how awesome are those leaves? I was planning on posting this next week but couldn’t wait to share. We have been talking a lot about the changing colors we see on our tress but this could also be used for a fun garland if you don’t want to make a branch.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some coffee filters, a large piece of construction paper ( white or brown), red, yellow and green food coloring, eye droppers,3 small dishes , water ,crayons,  scissors and glue.Elmers glue and materials
  2. Start by drawing a branch .autumn craft
  3. Have your child color the branch they can add more branches if they like too!fall leaves and emma 004
  4. While they do that draw leaves on the coffee filters.  fall leaves and emma 002
  5. Pour some water along with the food coloring into the small containers, pop the eye droppers in ( one per color)- a big tip put a thick fabric place mat under your child when they are doing this step. It will absorb the coloring so it doesn’t get on other things.  Of course this will stain it so do not use your new William Sonoma ones !fall leaves and emma 005
  6. Using the eye dropper drop the colors onto the coffee filter leaves. fall leaves and emma 006
  7. Use multiple colors for each leaf if you want.  Using an eye dropper is intricate and helps develop your child’s  fine motor skills.fall leaves and emma 007
  8. Let dry- ours dried over night.
  9. Cut out the branchfall leaves and emma 009
  10. Cut out the leavesFall Craft
  11. Add glue to the branchfall leaves and emma 010
  12. Add your leaves and let dry.fall leaves and emma 012


  1. says

    Can you share where those eye droppers came from? We used food coloring to make butterflys last week and using just the little bottles was a disaster! Watering it down would have been the way to go!

  2. Jackie says

    I would think water colors would work too. What do you think? Can I ask how old is you son now? Just want to compare to my grandson’s age. He is 2 3/4.

    • admin says

      Don’t beat yourself up it’s hard to loosen up, just get old clothes, lots of towels ready and nothing that could be ruined within 10 feet !

  3. Christy says

    This was fun! Thanks!! We couldn’t find the eye droppers (I’ll have to bookmark that link) so I improvised and put the food coloring in a little cup and let him paint with it.

    I was afraid any tree I drew would look funny, so I traced his forearm and hand and used that as our tree. I figure that’s a good excuse for a tree that doesn’t really look like a tree 😉

  4. Teri says

    I also save the medicine droppers from the pharmacies as they are always so nice to give extra–just an added tip and they’re free.:)


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