Messy Monster Craft

Fuzzy Monster
This craft did not start well. Easter grass is messy on good days but answering an email, after I got the grass out ( oops) I found my son trying to clean it up in the family room. The grass was everywhere and all I could do was laugh. Here’s a pic of the carnage. That said, we had so much fun doing this monster craft which was inspired by the books below and my son’s newest pjs – which will debut once the weather cools.

  1. Gather your materials. If you are brave( and crazy like me ) use Easter grass you have laying around. If you are smart, grab some green tissue paper. You will also need some colored scrap paper , green construction paper and another full piece of construction paper in a contrasting color, scissors and glue.
  2. Start by cutting the green paper into a monster body and 4 limbs.
  3. Next hand your child the glue and have them glue the body onto the plain full size piece of construction paper.
  4. Add the limbs, I made 4 but my son only wanted his monster to have 2. That’s cool.
  5. Time to add a lot of glue – if you are using tissue paper add a few layers, adding glue as you need it.
  6. Add the grass. A cool trick is to make balls with the grass and glue those on. This minimizes the mess and random stray pieces falling all over your floor. After he added a ball of grass I would squish it hard to the glue to make sure it stuck.
  7. While they are adding grass cut out your features. I made horns, a big happy mouth, some claws and one eye with an iris.
  8. Glue the iris to the eye.
  9. Add glue for the facial features to the grass.
  10. Add on your mouth and your eye.
  11. Add the horns.
  12. Add the claws/toenails, or in our case, knee pads.
  13. Let dry!


“My Friend The Monster” by Elanor Taylor is a sweet and not at all scary look at a friendship between a little fox and the monster who lives under his bed. The monster was left behind by a previous owner of the house that the little fox moves into. This is a sad monster but with a little time and patience the monster and the little fox make new friends and all is well. The monster even gets his own bed in the little fox’s bedroom so he doesn’t have to live under the bed anymore.

“When A Monster is Born” by Sean Taylor is funny, my son didn’t find it as funny as I did but he still laughed and didn’t seem scared any of it. The story is about a monster and all the life changing choices he faces every day like whether to eat a principal or run through a wall of a school. This book feels like a choose your own adventure book, it’s fun , repetitive and silly. There is quite a bit of talk about monsters eating people , though nothing too gory.

“Go To Bed Monster” by Natasha Wing is a book anyone who’s ever struggled with bedtime will instantly relate to. The little girl in the book Lucy isn’t sleepy so she draws a monster but soon his refusal to go to bed even after she is sleepy backfires. I like this book, and despite his refusal to believe the monster was a monster not a dinosaur my son really likes this book and it got read 5 times today! * ( See comments for one from the author, I am so sorry I referred to Lucy as Sarah- you’d think the many times we read it itwould have stuck- no more late night blogging for me! )


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  1. Christy says

    This is a great craft. We recently read When a Monster is Born and my son LOVED it; he is 5 so maybe your son will enjoy it more in a few years.

    I also wanted to tell you about a new book titled The Sleepy Little Alphabet by Judy Sierra. It features lowercase letters and it is a fun read. I am writing a post about it for tomorrow. I think you might like the book.

  2. Jen says

    How cute! What a mess, but a fun mess! His monster is just adorable.

    I like your book suggestions. We are reading Junie B. Jones and The Monster Under the Bed! My girls like to listen to chapt. books at night. So exciting that my 2nd grader is reading them herself now, too. Did I say 2nd grader? Oh my- my little ones are getting old!!

    Take Care!
    Creative and Curious Kids!

  3. Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says

    I love this idea! We have a lot of green tissue paper that I think I'll cut into strips for my daughter to use, and we'll have to see if we can find that book from the library. Any excuse to use glue and she is happy as can be…

  4. [email protected] says

    He's so cute! I love the smile. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


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