Bell Christmas Ornament !

Christmas Ornament Craft

This Christmas ornament is so simple and so much fun to make. Kids aren’t generally known for being the most patient of creatures, and I can relate I am not either. This craft promises instant gratification, no glue to dry, no long wait times just create and enjoy.  This ornament can be played with without worry, although not really unbreakable it’s definitely kid friendly. If you don’t have old Easter eggs try using an egg carton section instead.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some green plastic Easter eggs, some red pipe cleaners, some jingle bells, scissors and red sticky back foam."Christmas
  2. Start by cutting shapes into your foam. If you are really keen you can make Christmas shapes, we made triangle and rectangles.Christmas Ornament Craft
  3. Stick them on the plastic egg.Christmas Ornament Craft
  4. Thread your jingle bell onto your pipe cleaner.Christmas Ornament Craft
  5. Bend both ends of the pipe cleaner and thread through the holes at the top of the egg.Christmas Ornament Craft
  6. Pull through and make a loop.Christmas Ornament Craft
  7. Hang on your tree and stop worrying about telling your kids not to touch the tree!Christmas Ornament Craft


Merry -Un Christmas

Merry Un-Christmas by Mike Reiss is a fun twist on  Christmas Book. In it Noelle is tired of Christmas, because in her town it’s Christmas every day except one. She can’t fake the enthusiasm for another pony or bike but when she figures out that Un-Christmas is coming she is elated. It’s the only day she goes to school, it’s the only day the mail comes and it’s filled with tradition and special meaning. I love how this book turns everything topsy turvy and makes kids think what really makes Christmas special. My little guy is too young at just 3 to get that but he sure thought it was funny ! Very cute book!

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    • admin says

      We aren’t in Texas but my husband is Texan and all his family is there. So we go back often and my son can already Hook ’em like a pro. I have to admit I am starting to get football and was crossing my fingers as the clock ticked down on Saturday!

  1. Danette says

    Made these today with two two-year-olds and they were a HUGE hit! Not only were they able to do all the parts of the project pretty much themselves, but they played with the for an hour afterward! Thank you!!

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