Best of 2009 #2

DIY Puffy Paint Projects !

All three puffy paint projects we did this year were huge hits. The combination of a sensory experience making the paint and a creative one by transforming it into a moon, cookie or ghost! Many of you wrote in that it took your child some coaxing to get their hands dirty, this is so normal many young kids need reassurance with something new.  Another tip, use whatever scent of shaving cream you like the most because your house will smell like it for hours. Click on the pictures for the full how to!

Puffy Moon

Puffy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Puffy Ghost


  1. Jenae says

    I have used this same concept in my first grade classroom to make snowflakes. They first had to make a symmetrical snowflake from folded paper, then rub on the shaving cream mixture, and finally sprinkle with silver glitter.


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