Kid Made Ornament !

star Christmas  ornament

I have the best readers in the blogosphere ! When I sent out a message to my facebook fans that I needed help with guest posts because morning sickness was leaving me unable to do much more than turn the tv on for my son , they flooded in! I still have more to come and I hope you have been enjoying them as much as I have. Today’s craft is perfect for our series of kid friendly Christmas ornaments.  Jessica for Muthering Heights was kind enough to share it with us , thanks Jessica!

{Super Simple Snowflake/Star Ornaments!}

This truly simple craft was originally inspired by a similar project that I, myself, made for my parents in my Kindergarten class.

{I will say, for the record, that a part of me died when I realized that it was twenty one years ago! Good grief!!!}

But *ahem,* I digress.

My daughter and I completed this project together. She is nearly three. And let it be known that she will be taking full responsibility for the wardrobe styling in the photos below.

The necessary materials are craft {ie: popsicle} sticks, Glue, dry pasta of your choice {we used Rotini}, paint {we used silver glitter paint}, and some sort of string {we used fishing line}. The paper plate pictured below is optional, for the neat-freaks among us.  Star Ornament

Step One: Using the glue and craft sticks, arrange and affix the stick in a star-like shape. star ornament

Step Two: Using the glue, arrange and affix the pasta on the sticks, as your child’s fancy dictates.

star ornament

Step Three: When the glue dries {the time lapse will depend on how heavy-handed your little crafter is with the glue}, apply the paint. Star ornament

Step Four: When the paint dries, attach the string. Hang and enjoy! OR, omit the string, and use these little beauties to adorn holiday packages! star ornament


These ornaments are wonderfully simple, but so much fun for little hands!

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    Yeah, morning sickness! Congratulations! Oh,I hope you only have it for the beginning. My baby will be here any day now- excitement with Christmas and new baby around the house. If you need another idea, I posted about a Hershey Kiss wreath ornament that is easy for little hands with some help from Mom. Here’s the link if you need it.

    Rest and do your best with your little man. My girls took care of me a lot during the beginning of this pregnancy. It was nice having a big 7 year old around!

    Creative and Curious Kids!
    God’s Shining Stars
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Officially Banning Silly Putty! =-.


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