Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa

I have fond memories of writing letters to Santa, first dictating it to my mom and after writing it myself. My favorite was in grade one when I wrote to Santa and Santa wrote back ! So in that spirit this acitivy is one where your child writes or dictates a letter and  you send it away to Santa . Ours was send via Grandma who has a “contact” at the north pole and will make sure that Santa’s letter to my son gets here!  I hope when it does my son’s wonder will be the same mine was so long ago .

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper, a pencil or marker, some fun holiday stickers , an envelope , stamps and an eager child to write or dictate. Letter to Santa
  2. Explain to your child why and what you are doing, if your child is young like my 3 year old they may need some explanation. Encourage them to not only ask for things but to ask Santa questions and tell him about things they have been doing. We chatted while he ate lunch! Letter to Santa
  3. Start writing.
  4. Have your child sign their name even if you did the writing.Letter to Santa
  5. Add stickers.Letter to Santa
  6. Label your envelope and add stamps.
  7. Mail!
  8. Don’t forget to watch the mail for Santa’s return letter!


My Penquin Osbert

My Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel is a perfect book for this activity. In this story a little boy writes to Santa and asks for a very specific gift, a real live penguin! It’s not long before he realizes that a real live penguin is not as much fun as he thought it would be. He is very responsible though and sacrifices a lot for Osbert. He is thankful to Santa for getting his gift exactly right but writes a follow up letter explaining how it would be ok if Santa sent a replacement. Very cute story, it’s not short though but my 3 year old listened to it happily for a bedtime story. Laughing at the funny parts and pointing out that he wrote a letter to Santa too, but he didn’t ask for a penguin… thank goodness!

inside outside christmas

Inside, Outside Christmas by Robin Spowart is a great simple Christmas book for toddlers and preschoolers. The text is short, each set of pages has something we do during the holidays inside and one outside. The text has simple rhymes that my son liked and it isn’t  too short for preschoolers, the pictures led to questions and discussion and the end of the book has a holiday greeting for everyone!  Cute book to get young readers into the spirit of Christmas.

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  1. Chelsea says

    I know that if you send your letter addressed to

    Santa Clause
    North Pole, Alaska

    It will actually go there and they will reply with a letter, which is kind of fun. I do think it is more of a generic letter, but it’s a good learning experience…discussing where the North Pole really is, how cold it is, etc.

  2. says

    In Canada, no stamp is required for a letter to Santa. Or, at least, that is what I heard on the radio last year from someone who works with the program. I couldn’t find confirmation on the Canada Post website, but in the photo they show a letter with no stamp being mailed, so I’m going with it. 🙂
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Stumping for Votes =-.


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