New Year’s Craft

new year's eve craft

This post was sent in by Cathy at NurtureStore, she originally sent it to me before Christmas but when I got so many guest posts sent in I ear marked it for the new year. Making wishes is a great way to introduce children to resolutions and goals for the new year in a gentle and generous way. I love this craft and know you all will too!

Here’s my idea for a wishing tree I made today with my children aged 3 and 6. It’s a simple craft activity which creates a beautiful centerpiece and also encourages children to think of others by making wishes for them – perfect for this time of year. As the tree uses star symbols it’s suitable for Christian or Jewish celebrations.

You’ll need: paint, card, glitter, a star shaped cookie cutter, scissors, hole punch, glue – and a tree!

1. Pour some glue into a shallow dish and dip in the cookie cutter.

Wishing Tree Craft 2

2. Press the cookie cutter, paint side down, on to some card. (You can give the cutter a little wiggle if you want a thicker outline)

Wishing Tree Craft 3

3. Carefully lift off the cookie cutter to leave a star-shaped outline.

Wishing Tree Craft

4. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle the star with glitter. My daughter says the more sparkles you use, the more the wish comes true. Leave the star to dry and then gently shake off any excess glitter.

Wishing Tree Craft 5

5. Cut around the star with some scissors.

Wishing Tree Craft 6

6. Punch a hole in the star and thread on a ribbon. Write ‘I wish…’ on the glitter side.
Then for the magical part –  ask each child to think of a wish they could make to bring someone else some joy. It’s easy for children to see this time of year as all about them getting presents so this is a way for them to do some giving too. They might like to wish something for a special person – perhaps for a sick relative to get better – or something more general. You might be surprised how thoughtful or creative your children are. My daughter wished for angels to appear in the sky for everyone to see.

Wishing Tree Craft 7

7. Once you’ve helped them to write their wish on their star you can hang the wishes on your special wishing tree. We use some twisted branches in vase for our tree, but a Christmas tree or one growing in your garden (or even your community) would work just as well. You might like to make some extra stars so family and friends can add their wishes o

ver the season too.

Wishing Tree Craft 8

Then wait and see which ones come true.

Wishing Tree Craft

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  1. says

    What a neat child-friendly craft! I have never thought of using cookie cutters as stamps before – the possibilities are endless!
    Thanks so much, I’ll be sharing with the moms on my facebook group.

  2. says

    I love this!! What a sweet post and a fun idea!! I love your daughter’s perspective on things, especially the glitter part.

    I also love that it would make a great decoration for your house. So cute and classy. I’m thinking centerpiece for my now empty kitchen table…

    And I love that you posted this after the new year. I think it fits perfectly! Can’t say enough good things about this! My kids will enjoy doing this!

  3. says

    We made this yesterday using yellow paint and gold glitter. It was really hard trying to get any of the kids to think of something to wish for for other people though. I look after kids 2 to 5 and it was like a belated Xmas wish list. But it was still fun. We hung them on fallen fir branches that we put in a vase and left outside for everyone who comes to the door to see. It’s like a Xmas tree for the New Year!
    .-= Melodie´s last blog ..Who’s Breasts Are They Anyway? =-.

  4. says

    I Love this craft and I Love this blog! I will bookmark this blog. My grandson will be homeschooled and so this blog has a lot of great ideas! Also, this craft was shared with our group members at CafeMom – Holiday and Party Crafts – with a link back to this tutorial. Thanks so much!


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