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Carrots are OrangeI get giddy when I find blogs that are relatively new and I know will be useful to many of my readers.  It’s no secret I am expecting a baby girl in June but since revealing that the number of readers who have also announced pregnancies and new babies has been wonderful. So I know this blog Carrots Are Orange can and will be useful for you. Marnie is a mom who is trying to do what so many of us do, provide healthy food for her baby son. Carrots Are Orange chronicles her efforts in baby food making in a realistic way- she’s not a chef, she’s a mom and she’s also totally inspiring and down to earth! She doesn’t just blog about food either so even if you’ve passed the stage of purees and nursing you will relate to her and her writing.  I am excited to see how this blog progresses as her son goes from purees to table foods and big kids meals.  I am so thankful to have this resource ready for when my little girl is ready to eat!  Check it out !

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