Hand Print Shamrock

Handprint Four Leaf Clover

Hand print crafts are always fun to do and usually don’t get recycled even by me ( I rarely keep crafts).  For St.Patrick’s Day make this simple craft with all ages of kids, from toddlers who can just do the painting to school age kids who are perfectly able to do it with little to no help.  With little ones you will be doing a lot of cutting , it’s tricky to cut out hands even when you are full grown, but for something that doesn’t get recycled it’s well worth it.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some white paper,a sheet of orange construction paper, a marker, some green paint, a paint brush or roller, some gold glitter glue, scissors, and glue.4 Leaf Clover Craft
  2. Start by tracing your child’s hands 4 times. 4 Leaf Clover Craft
  3. Time to paint! 4 Leaf Clover Craft
  4. Add some gold glitter glue and let dry. 4 Leaf Clover Craft
  5. Cut out, I also cut out a stem from the extra around the hand prints. One of our hands didn’t survive, so our planned 4 leaf clover turned into a shamrock. 4 Leaf Clover Craft
  6. Add glue to the orange paper. 4 Leaf Clover Craft
  7. Add the stem and hands.  Let dry. Handprint Four Leaf Clover

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    • admin says

      I am lucky he is about as sentimental as I am- I did have a hard time convincing him of getting rid of the huge hospital we made, and I am still waiting for my husband to recycle it ( it’s in our garage holding other recycling taunting my poor child). But for us I say well our house would be so full we wouldn’t be able to walk, and I make goofy comments tell him if we recycle it we can make room for something NEW , and it’s enough for him. I do take pictures and we do look through them to remember though.


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