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House h Letter h Craft

This week’s letter of the week craft is fun but be prepared to use paper that matches your house. I had red paper all ready, my h was written out and I hear from across the table ” I want a white house, our house isn’t red mama it’s white!” he was right, our house is white so we started over, I took new materials pictures and we were all set.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 3 colors of construction paper, some markers( crayons will be fine too!), glue, and scissors.Letter h lesson
  2. Start by writing a lowercase h on your paper. Letter of the week craft h
  3. Have your child decorate it anyway they want. My son is starting to show interest in writing and has been tracing the letters lately when we make these crafts then pronounces he’s ready for the next step. I just sit back and watch , loving how this came about so naturally. Letter of The Week lesson
  4. Ask how many windows they want and cut them out ( I added crossbars) , also cut o.ut a roof and the top of a chimney. Letter of The Week h
  5. Cut the h out and glue it on a contrasting sheet of paper. Letter of The Week h
  6. Time to add the glue for the house pieces! Letter h craft
  7. Add the roof. Letter of The Week h
  8. Add the windows and chimney topper.Letter of The Week h Letter of The Week h
  9. Let dry.


Building A House

Building a House by Byron Barton is a no frills look at how homes are built. The bright colors and concise wording is perfect for preschoolers. I love that there is writing on one page and illustrations on the other, makes it super easy to show children the pictures as well as for them to see you follow the text with your finger!

House For A Hermit Crab

A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle is a fun book about a hermit crab’s search for things to make her house a perfect home.  Each month she finds another thing ( or sea creature)  in the ocean to add to her house. This book is a good teaching tool for months of the year, sea life and houses.

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  1. Mena says

    Curious…when you read to your son do you often try to point to the words with your finger? I don’t do this because it gets in the way of the pictures but wanted to know what your opinion is on this. Thanks so much!

  2. admin says

    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I tend to read the words without pointing them in bed but when we are sitting next to each other especially if it’s a book with east text and words he is starting to show interest in sounding out I make an effort to do it.

  3. admin says

    Nope I never go in order – I like to mix it up so that I am capitalizing on his interests as well as demonstrating that letters aren’t always used in alphabetical order and can stand alone.


  1. […] last craft we did was “house”. This idea was from this site. I drew the capital H and small letter H in a piece of paper and let Yvette play with her Dot-Dot […]

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