Spring Sensory Tub !

Spring sensory tubSpring is finally here!  I love spring and everything it brings from baby birds, to flowers and especially Easter candy. This sensory tub was a huge hit with my son and we have been chilling outside digging in it , filling the eggs with the birdseed and bugs and not worrying about it spilling on the kitchen floor.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a plastic tub or large casserole dish, some birdseed, kid garden utensils, some Easter eggs, plastic bugs, and flower sequins.Toddler Sensory Activity
  2. Pour your birdseed into the tub.Sensory Activity
  3. Add your bugs, shovels and sequins.

    Toddler Sensory Activity

  4. Add your little gardener and have fun. Sensory Activity

Garden Books

Quiet in the Garden

Quiet in the Garden by Alki is a calm book about listening and watching all the bugs, birds and animals going about their day in a not so quiet garden. Starting with a hungry robin readers watch as all the animals take turns eating and asking others about what they eat. Finally the little boy who is watching all the bugs and animals eat picks some vegetables and fruits from the garden and sits down to have a picnic.  I liked how this book showed how all these animals and bugs thrive within a garden, and how you can hear all the noise if you just sit still and listen.

Jack's Garden

Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole is a garden version of the classic ” The House That Jack Built”. We watch as Jack prepares, plants and cares for a garden. I like the detail that the book goes into from the worms in the soil, to the seedlings, birds, flowers and insects that all work together for a garden to succeed. My son loved that Jack seemed to be a teenager, not sure where he got the idea but teenagers are the height of cool for my 3 year old. I also really appreciated the detailed drawings of things along the edges of each page, from slug eggs, to specific insects and different flowers, they all offered more learning while reading.

Song of the flowers

Song of the Flowers by Takayo Noda is beautiful, bright and the three times I tried reading it with my son he declared ” I don’t like this book!” . The text is very figurative, it reads like a lullaby and for my literal preschooler it just didn’t hold his attention. The text is actually very repetitive which is normally a huge hit with my son as well as other children his age but it simply didn’t cut it. The illustrations are paper cut outs and are stunning! Grab this book and have a look for yourself, but I can’t recommend it since it was such a flop at my house.

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  1. Sara says

    Just a warning – definitely keep this one outside! One of the biggest nightmares of my life was getting a pantry moth infestation in my kitchen (those little gray ones that like to live in cardboard boxes and dry goods). While trying to figure out how to get rid of them – which took forever – I learned that they are commonly found in birdseed, but you usually don’t know until it’s too late. Ugh. Just thinking about that again… *shudder* I love a bird feeder as much as the next person, but will never keep birdseed in my living space again! 🙂

    • admin says

      You would be surprised. I have a 1 strike and you are out policy with my son, if he spills on purpose he gets one extra chance, if it’s regular old spills that just happen I don’t bat an eyelash.

  2. says

    Yes, many food items are okay. My little guy’s preschool opted to do potting soil instead of the birdseed. They have pots and fake flowers and digging tools. Lots of fun!

    I was really surprised that birdseed is so cross-contaminated with nuts–it was a surprise to me when I checked into it, so I try to share the word where I can!

    ~ Sarah
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Sewing with Children =-.

  3. Kristy says

    I’ve also seen this done with dry beans. I love the birdseed idea but I’ve had weeds sprout from birdseed around feeders so you could end up with lots of weeds. Anyone know types that don’t sprout?


  1. […] is here which means sun, cool breezes, rain, and…snow…?  I planned on making this spring sensory tub so that we could play with it outside today.  But this is Kansas and she has a mind of her […]

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