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There was an article in the NY Times recently about mommy bloggers and while my rebuttal will never be as eloquent as this one by Mom 101 I will say that for me this is not an “expensive hobby” I write this blog with a clear purpose, to be a resource for parents. I make more than coffee money but definitely couldn’t keep a roof over my families head with my earnings, but I take is as seriously as if I could.

In that spirit today’s spotlight isn’t about books, or art or even education it’s about Post Partum Depression and one fantastic organization Jenny’s Light.  Jenny’s Light was founded by one mom’s family after she tragically killed her baby son and herself after suffering from PPD in silence.  You don’t have to be expecting or a new mom to be at risk for this devastating illness and it’s effects. Father’s can suffer as well and as friends, sisters and partners of new parents it’s our responsibility to offer help if we are able.  One of the most useful pieces of information on the site are these steps to getting help for yourself or someone you care about. I know I have passed a long this information to more than a few friends over the years and no one ever said anything but thanks!

Check it out!

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  1. Jackie says

    I guess my comment on that article is not so political, or anything else. I read “mommy” blogs because they have information I want to know. I absolutely love your blog because it gives me ideas of things to do with my 3 year old grandson and 19 month old twin granddaughters. Simple. Why do people have to make so much out of Simple. Grrr! Ok… I am done. Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy it.

  2. admin says

    You are all welcome!

    I doubt I would ever go to a subscriber site, my goals have never been business, it’s always been about helping and education. Although I am sure if I mentioned this comment to my husband he’d think it’s a great idea. Too bad it’s my blog. 🙂 Thanks though the comment really made me happy to hear!

  3. Lea says

    Having read all about your career path – I can see why not being a subcribing site is important to you – when you were a teacher you impacted the life of 30 or so children at one time. Now – with your fantastic website – you will never really know how many children’s education you are improving. Powerful stuff!
    I am a deputy headteacher in England and you are teaching and inspiring me so much with activities and books I can use with my own son.
    with many thanks for the time you spend on your site


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