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i love  bugs

Philemon Sturges is an author all parents of toddlers need to learn! Every single one of these books have been read, re-read and re-read some more at my house for the last 2 years.  Rhymes are simple, text is short but enjoyment is  strong , coupled with great illustrators like Shari Halpern and Amy Walrod make a complete package for go to books. Here are 5 of our favorites from this author.

I Love Bugs!by Phileomon Sturges is a rare find. It is listed as fiction but I would consider it as non fiction, as it really is a great factual book about bugs for older toddlers/ young preschoolers. It is really hard to find simple, short books that include facts and this one is perfect. It doesn’t go into the life cycles of butterflies or how lightning bugs light up, but it does use descriptive words with bright and charming illustrations. Great for the under 3 crowd, and useful for older kids too!

I Love Planes

I Love Planes! is  all about things that fly. This is a great book for young toddlers , the text is limited but effective.  The colors are bright and cheery and even though he usually reads longer more complex books my son still enjoyed this book, and learned about Blimps and space stations for the first time.

I love tools

I Love Tools! is about tools but unlike the previous books there is ongoing story line too.  A family is using tools together to make something although you have to guess what it is they are making or you’ll have to wait until the last page to find out. I like that there is a bird on every page to give you a hint at what they are making, and when you read it the 2nd 3rd or 40th time it’s fun to find where the bird is on each page.

I Love Trucks

I Love Trucks! is about all sorts of trucks from firetrucks, bulldozers, ice cream trucks and of course garbage trucks!  Each page has simple text that gives a brief description of the main action each truck does like roll, dump, dig etc… My son eats this book up even though he enjoys much longer book as well. The illustrations by Shari Halpern ( who also illustrated the previous books) are bright bold and have a cartoon like quality that grabs young children’s attention.

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) is a great retelling of the classic story. Kids will be able to relate to this hen not getting any help for all her hard work. Luckily her friends realize their mistake and do the dishes after she shares her yummy pizza. Since originally recommending this book it’s made a move from the bookshelf to the dresser pile of books that are in rotation for before nap and bedtime reading. A sure sign it’s kid approved!

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