Summer Reading Challenge Reminder

Do not miss being a part of our 1st Annual Summer Reading Challenge. It’s easy all you need to do is  read 10 books ( or chapters) , fill in this form ( one per participating child)  and you will be entered to win one weekly prize of a copy of my eBook Alphabet Crafts and a final prize drawn at the end of the summer of a $15 gift card. For all the details click here.

The first weekly winner will be announced tomorrow, get your forms filled out tonight by 12am  PDT to be entered.


  1. says

    Fun! I just filled out my form… I only listed the books I could remember off the top of my head, but I know there were others I’m forgetting! :) Thanks for hosting this!

  2. admin says

    Greedy Grace yes enter any week you want ( as many weeks as you want too) at your convenience!

    Stephanie – thanks he adored that book for ages, that video is over a year old but easily one of my favorites!

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