Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge

Reading during the summer is such an important part of keeping your kids brains as busy as their feet as they run, jump and play in the sun.  To promote literacy and great books I have decided to create a summer reading challenge.  What you need to do:

1. Keep a list of the books you read to your child each week . Starting Monday May 24th( but you can join in any week) . If your child is an independent reader reading chapter books keep a list of the chapters read.

2. Fill this form in every week ( I will post a reminder every Sunday ). This is your entry for prizes, one per week/ per child.  All weekly entries are automatically entered into the final drawing for the Gift Card. If you enter every week you get more chances for the gift card at the end of the summer!

3. Prizes : Every week I will giveaway one  copy of Alphabet Crafts eBook and at the end of the challenge I will draw for a $15 gift card. Weekly entries are closed at 12am every Monday PDT.

Fine print – open to anyone with children 0-18 . Got a newborn? It’s never to early to read. Have a teen – they can enter too.  Please fill out one form per child . Winners will be chosen by random every week based on the entries for that week time stamped before 12am every Monday PDT. The challenge starts May 24th and ends August 30th at 12am PDT. Final winner will be drawn Monday August 31st 2010.


  1. stef cunningham says

    Awsome idea!!! We just went to the library on Friday and got 19 books….Mya is a book lover 100%!! A few were Scheron’s too :)

  2. Heather says

    What an awesome idea! My 3yo loves to read….my 1yo? well, we try, and I often end up reading to myself since she doesnt have the attention span, but at least she’s still HEARING me read, even if she wont sit there! lol

    Just to double check, I’m assuming repeated readings are fine, right? As a preschool teacher you know how they love their favorite stories! So it doesn’t have to be all different titles, right? reading a book is reading a book, even if they’ve read it a hundred times, right? :)

    • admin says

      Absolutely! If I didn’t count the firetruck books we re-read daily we’d only be reading about 25% of the books we do :)

  3. Erin says

    Oh this sounds like so much fun!! We’re learning to read this summer, so more motivation to read is definitely welcome!!

  4. Crystal Rutherford says

    As a reading specialist, and as a Mom, I LOVE this idea!!! Great way to keep reading!!!!

  5. Angell says

    Hi, I’ve been a reader of yours for years. I am so desperate right now…maybe you or one of your readers can help me. You know how you have that “Grab Our Button” on the right hand side of your screen? How did you put that there?

    Can any of you help me? Send me a link with instructions? The ones that I tried to follow did not help me.

    Thanks so much
    .-= Angell´s last blog ..3 Homemade Versions I made this weekend =-.

  6. Cindy Gellhaus says

    Count me in, I love read to my 2 year old and she love telling the story in her words. Do you have any books to recommend? Love finding new books to read.

  7. says

    Can’t wait to read more with the girls this summer and little man, of course. We’ll be participating in our library summer reading program, so we’ll have to stop by weekly and fill in our favorites here, too. Thanks!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..It’s Cleaning Day! =-.

  8. Angell says

    (Blog Button Thing) Thank you for the link!! It really has helped!

    Going to start reading with my son today…you’ve encouraged me.

    Not sure how many people know of this program but I’ll throw it out there. I will be homeschooling my boys and I’m completely confident with the whole thing EXCEPT for teaching them how to read. That intimidates me A LOT. I came across this website that teaches kids how to read and I can’t believe how well my son is doing!

    Here’s the website:

    They have a free 14 day trial that does NOT ask you for credit card information first. I plan on ordering a subscription once the trial is up. It’s all online and nothing to download…I personally think it’s great. Just passing on.
    .-= Angell´s last blog ..3 Homemade Versions I made this weekend =-.

  9. says

    It’s amazing that you are doing it, but I have a question. I put a list of 10 books that we most enjoyed in the Amazon reader in my Saturday post, “What my Child Is Reading”. I also profile in this post 4 books that she enjoyed most. Can I just link up my post to this?
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Science Sunday – Dinosaur Teeth =-.

  10. admin says

    Natalie – no sorry, because the form you fill in actually goes to a spreadsheet and your entry gets numbered and time stamped which will be used for the drawings.

    That said I would love for you to link the post on our facebook page !

  11. our family nest says

    cool weekly challenge we are in do i fill out seperate ones for each of my girls or just 1?

  12. Monica says

    I’d like to do this!! My 2 year old is hooked on books and so am I! My 8 month old listens to every book too so they’ll both join!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. says

    This sounds like fun! My 3yo loves to hear stories. Hmmm…wonder if I can get my 15yo to participate? He still has 3 weeks of school left though…so not so much time for pleasure reading. How do you count for older kids? He’s reading the Dragons in our Midst series. Do you count by books? Chapters?
    .-= stacy´s last blog ..April Clutter Challenge~Update =-.

  14. Kristen says

    Awesome! If we read a book more than once does it count one time or once for each time we read it.

    • admin says

      Repeat readings count! I know how favorite books are with little guys, as long as you are reading with them I count it!!

    • admin says

      Yes – you can jump in any week, take a week off etc… it’s flexible! All you NEED to do is fill out the form by Monday 12am every week to be considered for the drawing that week and get an entry into the final one . So if you participate more than one week you will have more than one entry for the final prize. ‘

      Does that help?

  15. Kathy says

    I tried to submit the books but the “submit” button disappeared on me after it finished loading. I tried to scroll down to find it and there was a ton of blank space below and nothing to click on. Hit return and all the other obvious tricks but I don’t think it went through. I’m working from a mac, not sure if that’s the problem or if google docs was just being weird.

  16. says

    As of 11:35 next Thursday, my daughter will leave public school and officially become a homeschooler!! I’ll be doing this with both her and her little sister. Thanks for setting this up — it’s a lot of work!

  17. says

    I think I actually managed to enter in time this week! This whole having a new baby thing has been slowing me down. It also means I’m not reading as much as usual with my daughter so there are only 12 books on my list. If my mum (who’s staying with us for a while to help with the transition to two children) were keeping a list I think it would be a lot longer!!
    .-= commonplaceiris´s last blog ..Kids Clothing Challenge Update =-.

  18. Stacy says

    This is such a great idea! I have a 2(almost 3) year old and a 19 mth old that I read to all the time. This will be fun!

  19. says

    I just submitted my list. We are reading: I NEDD MY MONSTER!!! many,many times! Oh! And I forgot to put on the list: LITTLE MOUSE´S BIG BOOK OF FEAR!! BY Emily Gravett. My kids are writting in the book all of the fears they have – the book has spaces for you to write and draw the things that you are scared of. Such a great book!
    Hope to win!!! Love your blog!

  20. Sarah Bahm says

    Just wondering if you are still taking entries and choosing winners. I haven’t seen any for a while. I am thinking you are pretty busy with your new edition!

    • admin says

      Absolutely still going! I have still been drawing winners – and sending out prizes just haven’t found extra time to announce them :) I will be drawing winners every week until the end of summer !


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