Fine Art Activities

Going to the art museum, a local gallery or even an exhibit at a community college are all great ways to expose your child to fine art. Most have free days if they aren’t always free to visit. Here is a collection of fine art activities we have done here at No Time For Flash Cards.

Matisse Inspired Scrap Paper Collage (above)

Kandinsky Inspired Creation

Jackson Pollack Inspired Splatter!

DIY Great Wave off Kawagawa

Pointillism Lesson

Make Your Own Play Museum

Need some books about fine art too ? Check these out.


  1. says

    always a fan of bringing art into everyone’s life. Check out Hanoch Piven’s books, workshops and exhibition at Skirball

  2. Kerri says

    Just today we read In the Garden with VanGogh, painted a sunflower (a circle colored brown with marker glued onto a paperplate they had painted golden yellow), and planted sunflower seeds in a yogurt container. I love doing Fine Art projects with our daycare kids!


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