DIY Eye Spy Bag

by Katy

Have you seen Eye Spy Pillows? They are these little pillows that have a clear window in them that allows you to see the stuffing. Inside, the pillow has all these tiny objects floating around inside the stuffing. They’re really great for younger kids who are still considered a choking risk because they can see the little pieces, but they can’t put them in their mouth.

Well, we do a lot of activities around here, so I didn’t want a special pillow for just one segment. Also, I’m cheap (you guys should know this by now), so I decided to make my own.

For this project you will need a zip lock bag, some small plastic items, duct tape, and bottle of clear body wash. For my plastic items I chose bugs because that’s what we were studying at the time. I found the clear body wash at Walmart.

So you fill your zip lock bag with the plastic items. Note: I chose slightly larger plastic items because my son has some vision issues. If your child doesn’t have vision issues, I’d encourage you to do many more small items.

Then you add a LOT of clear body wash.

Next, seal the zip lock.

Then, place the duct tape over the zip lock seal for extra protection (that sounds like a deodorant commercial).

Allow your child to explore bag and find all the different plastic items inside.

My son has some sensory sensitivity, so he found the bag especially disgusting. His mom is mean and made him play with it anyway.


Katy is a mom of one who loves art, mystery novels, and anything involving peanut butter–she blogs about raising her little miracle at Bird on the Street.
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  1. Courtney says

    “My son has some sensory sensitivity, so he found the bag especially disgusting. His mom is mean and made him play with it anyway.”

    Too funny, loved that comment. :<} He's a cutie!!! Neat idea.

  2. Mama D. says

    I did something kind of similar when my daughter was a baby and I needed something to keep her occupied while I cooked dinner. I used a ziplock bag, added water, a few tablespoons of baby oil and blue food coloring. I taped the bag closed and taped it to her high chair tray! Got me through cooking many a meal including Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. Becky says

    I am not crazy or trying to be nosy, but I’m just curious what type of sensory issues your little guy has, and what sorts of activities you are doing to help him? My 2 year old has sensory processing disorder, and in every category he’s tested in, he scores as a 12 month old. I feel like I have tried a million and one things with him and nothing has helped! I even spend an entire day dyeing rice for a rice box for him, and just the look of it disgusted him so much that he actually gagged!! If you could email me with any suggestions, I would be so grateful. :o)
    [email protected]

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