Fall Crafts

easy fall crafts for kids It’s official summer is but a memory. I hope you made wonderful memories this summer but it’s time for pumpkins, acorns and changing colors. Here are some of our favorite easy fall crafts for kids.

Leaf Garland

Ripped Paper Acorn Craft

Falling Leaves Craft

Pumpkin Printing Activity

Shape Scarecrow

Food Coloring Fall Colors


  1. Angell says

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    I have decided after years of planning to homeschool, to put my son in school. This is his first full week of school. I wanted to do some crafts over the weekend and these are perfect. I didn’t even give fall crafts a thought!

    I really want to do the scarecrow one.

    Oh I can’t wait to start lol. We even have a hook in the living room ceiling which is perfect for the falling leaves one.

    I also hope to do your Halloween Garland wreath thing this year. Can’t wait!!

    Thanks again.


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