Spider Craft and Math Game

My backyard is covered in spiders, which has led to my son and I trying to identify the ones we find using the internet . Have you ever googled “Spiders” , I never used to be afraid of spiders, super close up pictures of various spiders changed that for good. So if your little one is into these arachnids instead of googling and risking nightmares, make this fun spider craft, play this game and save yourself the grief !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a plastic container, we used the plastic part of a light bulb package but any clear plastic would work. Some paint, a hole punch, googley eyes, glue and 4 pipe cleaners.
  2. Start by punching the holes in the plastic.
  3. Next paint the container from the inside. My son loved this part of the craft, he thought it was so cool to watch the paint from under the plastic. Let dry. On a sunny day I put this in the window and it dried (mostly) in 45 minutes.
  4. Cut the pipe cleaners in half
  5. Thread the pipe cleaners through the holes and twist the ends in place.
  6. Add the eyes with glue. Let dry.
  7. Play

Bug Math

I was lucky enough to get gifted these bug counters from a neighbor whose kids have out grown them. I wasted no time using them to teach some math. The goal of this game is to find the matching types of bugs, count them up and then find the number that matches the total in the tray and place them in.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some counters ( erasers in fun shapes, poker chips.. or plastic toys work well too), a divided tray, some paper , tape and marker.
  2. Write out the number totals on your paper, cut and tape into your tray.
  3. Time to play ( and learn).Group the similar bugs.
  4. Count them
  5. Pop them in the right section!
  6. Don’t forget to dance when you are done ! Watch out , those are some mean jazz hands.
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  1. Kathy Zielinski says

    Question about the math game: we’ve got a small preschool co-op that we’re working on for this month. I thought this would be a good “station” for the kids to do independently or with assistance if needed. Is this game good for kids even after they have learned to count to 20? Are there any ways to adapt it for different levels? Thanks!

  2. Stephanie says

    Today, we made the spiders with my 1.5 yr old and 4yr old and 3yr old that I babysit- all boys. We used the Gerber babyfood containers for our spiders. Just a thought! I’m always trying to find ways to use those containers!

  3. marcia says

    Thanks for the idea! About the first sentence at first I thought it was a joke because I read it to mean you found spiders using the Internet (like you would walk in and find spiders using your computer) lol thanks again

    • Allison McDonald says

      Ha! Totally see that now. All the posts from May 2010 – September 2010 were thrown together while I was either hugely pregnant or constantly nursing a newborn. I really really need to edit them 🙂


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