Ice Fishing and Color Mixing !

To tell you the truth I didn’t plan this activity, I saw the fishing net , wanted to do something with it and didn’t have much for my son to catch so instead I made some ice.  To make it more fun we colored the ice, then to make it more educational we made them red and yellow to create orange ! It was a big hit and not as big a mess as I feared .

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a bin or tub, a ice cube tray , food coloring , a fish net ( or soup ladle) and water. You will also need plain ice for the second part.
  2. Start by putting a few drops of food coloring in your ice tray – half one color, half the other. 
  3. Add water and freeze.
  4. Fill your tub with water – ours was too warm, the ice melted so quickly the color mixing was fast. When I do it again I will use cold water so it’s a slower mix.
  5. When ice firm, show it to your child and tell them you are going to put it in the water. Ask them to make a prediction about what will happen to the ice when it is in the water, what will happen to the water ?  Pop it in!
  6. Mix and catch with net.
  7. Pop in more plain ice to “fish” – my son had fun with the color mixing but the extension of the activity was the real fun.
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  1. Sharon says

    I just saw an apple bobbing activity at a local fall festival but for the younger kids they had big ladles and spoons tied tied to the bucket and the kids got to scoop up the apples instead. I thought it seemed too simple, but the kids went nuts over that! I’ll have to try this w/the ice for a little indoor-scoopingand water fun.

  2. Lisa W says

    I did this today with my preschooler. I think ours melted even faster! LOL It was fun though. I don’t think the mixing color lesson really meant anything (it happened so fast), but he had a blast stirring it with a ladle and then scooping it into the pitcher that I had used to pour the water with. Thanks so much for your blog, I am always telling other parents about it. We have had a blast doing so many of your crafts – no longer am I afraid of the messies! 🙂


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