Rock Jack-O-Lanterns

halloween craft

Kids love to paint rocks. If the weather is nice take this craft outside and enjoy the sun before it’s gone for the winter. If you want to make them water proof you will need to spray the finished rock with clear varnish. I skipped the step because I personally dislike the smell of varnish enough not to bother, but you can find it at any hardware/ craft store.

  1. Gather your materials, you will need some large rocks, painters tape, orange paint, a jar, white glue and a paint brush.
  2. Tape off a cool face for each- press the painters tape down carefully so there are no bubbles. * Edited to add this is an adult job if you want it precise, tape is frustrating to cut and even I was having a hard time.  I offered one rock to my son, but he declined. Have extras on hand if they want to do it themselves but you think they will be disappointed or frustrated if they don’t make one look like a jack-o-lantern.
  3. Mix you paint with white glue.  I am mixing them together to stop the washable paint from “dusting” off the rock. In the past washable kids paint has all but fallen off the rocks. If you are varnishing them skip this. The glue does not make it waterproof, so don’t pop it in your garden.
  4. Start painting!
  5. Let dry for a few minutes and add another coat.
  6. Let dry and peel off the tape. I used a paring knife to carefully peel it off.

Halloween Books !

All book lists include affiliate links.

Mouse’s Halloween Party by Jeanne Modesitt is a really sweet book, and I am glad I grabbed it at the library yesterday. Mouse is planning a big Halloween party but when he gets to his friend Pig’s house his plans go awry. This is a great book for kids like my son who get very very upset when something unexpected happens. We spent a long time talking about every stage of this story and felt great when it was done. I may have to buy this book, or at least renew it a few times! The text isn’t short but the story is interesting enough to keep your child interested. I love the discussion that this book prompted and would encourage anyone to read this book!

Halloween Day by Anne Rockwell is another winner . I love this author because kids love her books, and the ones that she has collaborated with her daughter on are probably my favorites. Her daughter Lizzy is the illustrator and she won my son over with her cool pictures of costumes and Halloween decor , especially the little boy in the firefighter costume. The story is about a classroom celebrating Halloween but what I love is that it shows why each child chose to dress up in their individual costumes.  Huge hit at our house, perfect for the 2-5 crowd and not scary at all!

Moonlight: The Halloween Cat by Cynthia Rylant is a relaxing book about a little black cat named Moonlight and her Halloween night. I love the illustrations and how they seem to glow! Every page offers a new perspective and even though the story is set on a spooky night there is nothing to be afraid of.  The text itself is simple, calming  and there are only a couple of lines on each page, making it the perfect length for a bedtime story. Even if you aren’t a cat person, you will like this book.

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  1. Erin says

    Oh for cuteness sake! We don’t have any painter’s tape on hand. I wonder if it would work doing it as a crayon resist type of thing, drawing the face on with white or yellow, or even black crayon first, and then painting. Or would the glue make the paint go over the crayon too? Hmm.. may be experiment time here.

  2. says

    We’ve done this before… last year, when my daughter was 2 1/2, we used foam shape stickers for her to make a face on the rock – she found circles for eyes, triangles for noses, and we used crescents or ovals for mouths, mostly.

    These are, of course, harder to peel off than painter’s tape, but they let my daughter feel like she was the one designing the faces. I think this year I’ll have her do stickers again while my 8 year old son and I experiment with painter’s tape. 🙂

  3. anonymous says

    Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas! My son will love this one! I really appreciate the book suggestions as well. I check your site almost every day and often add the books right to my request list at the library. Thank you for making it easy to keep our book bins full of fresh books!

  4. Trisha says


    At Easter time I noticed a tutorial for cut-outs for egg-dyeing that involved putting the painters tape on wax paper then cutting out the shapes with scissors or a paper punch. (I think that is roughly how it went. It was on lolly chops if you feel the urge to dig.) That might make it easier to shape the face. I think my son would enjoy doing this. Thanks for the idea!


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