Sunday Best Meme – Link Up!

I have found the most wonderful posts, new blogs and learning ideas from this meme and hope you like it too. Link up by sharing your best post of the week and browse wonderfully written posts from other readers too.


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    I’m sharing a recipe this week. Looking forward to reading what everyone’s been working on. My husband and I are finishing up some projects around the house today (and recovering from the Texas football game yesterday). Have a great Sunday!

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    i wrote a couple of posts about ideas this week. and i’m looking forward to checking out everyone else’s ideas. thanks for another chance to share!

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    I shared a short post I wrote about how to open a banana like a monkey (Little Bit of This & That). Thanks for the opportunity to share. I love reading everyone else posts here too!

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    What a great link up idea! There are so many wonderful blogs out there and this seems like the perfect way to discover a few new ones. I wanted to share my post this week titled, Apples & Apple Crisp.We’ve been baking & eating a lot of apple crisp around here lately :) It’s fun, easy & delicious to make.

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    I shared my favorite Fall craft we made this week. It was my favorite because I thought it looked so pretty! I am excited to see everyone’s ideas.

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    Out Of The Box Teaching is a new teaching website that includes any educator at all, from home schooling parents to classroom teachers to tutors to scout masters to swimming instructors. What we have in common is we all like interactive, interesting, teaching and learning, and like to do things differently to the traditional. We believe in social justice. We’re going to support each other and help each other. We’re often going to be really geeky.
    Be one of the first members! Includes articles (will have articles and lesson plans and tips and ideas eventually) and a forum.

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    I messed up and posted a giveaway link in there! So sorry! It is at least education-related. I didn’t mean to take advantage of your linky like that!

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