A Month Of Giving

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Teaching your children especially the littlest ones about giving, charity and service is not an easy task . When I try to explain why we give to charity to my son sometimes his questions stump me and I am not used to being stumped by kid questions. After much thought I decided the best way to learn is by example and we can all get into the spirit together. From today until Christmas Day,  I want to see how many acts of charity, service and giving we as a blog community can accomplish with our kids. Every Saturday I will showcase these acts of giving in a photo slide show and feature one on the blog.  It’s not a contest, it’s not a giveaway, it’s just a way for our kids to make a difference and to be a part of something greater than themselves .

Here is what you need to do :

1.Go do some good ( donate a toy, drop off some food at a food bank, shovel an elderly neighbors driveway, take dog food to the local shelter…)

2. Take a picture of that good deed.

3. Send that picture to us : [email protected] with the subject ” Giving” feel free to  add a blurb about what your child is doing, their reaction or thoughts.

4. Visit the blog on Saturdays (Starting December 4th) to see how many good deeds were done and your picture in the slide show- and to see what the “Good Deed Of The Week” was .

Together we can show our kids how important taking care of each other is and how even little hands make a big difference!

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    Great idea! I don’t know the ages of your kids, but my kids like to do their math and English studies on Freerice.com which donates 10 grains of rice for every correct answer. My middle son was supposed to do about 300 grains one day and I came in and found him at about 1000! He said he couldn’t stop because he was feeding people. 🙂

  2. says

    What a wonderful idea. One of the components of my kiddos co-op yesterday was to talk about what charitable projects they have participated in this past year. It was wonderful to hear the kids’ enthusiasm and compassion. Some of the kids projected photos from different events, too. It was very inspiring.

  3. says

    This is a nice idea!

    I don’t have time to email at the moment, but I posted about our charity efforts earlier on my blog http://www.jenspends.com/charity-on-a-budget/

    My 2-year-old son is fascinated by baby dolls, so he enjoyed helping me pick out the perfect one for the 2-year-old girl we will be giving a gift to through our church. I will also let him help wrap the gift and bring it up to the Christmas tree this weekend.

  4. says

    We are big into giving all year long, as we like to pay it forward and do several activities and events that benefit adoption related organizations in particular. We want our son to start from a young age and learn about giving and paying it forward.

    One thing we do is donate a percentage of our earnings to adoption related organizations. A couple times a year (our son’s forever family month, adoption awareness month) we increase the amount we donate. Rather than just give cash we use the money to purchase clothes, food or other “in need” items for birth mothers and birth families as requested by a couple agencies we work with.

    Our playgroup is collecting items for older kids and going to take them to the a local adoption agency (one that one of our members has used and is using again) for their Christmas party next week.

    My son’s preschool class is having a food drive for the local food bank next week.

    Those are a few things we’re doing.

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