Paper Roll Puppet

We are visiting my parents and didn’t pack our travel craft box. That didn’t stop us though, we saw these paper rolls in the recycling bin and immediately thought we could turn them into puppets. We don’t have a ton of supplies here but with a little creativity we made fun puppets using pictures we printed off my facebook album ( accessible anywhere!) , markers and tape. All in all a fun easy craft that has proven a fun toy away from home as well.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some toilet paper or paper towel rolls, markers, scissors, tape and printed out pictures of your kids in black and white .
  2. Start by having your child color the rolls.
  3. Cut out the pictures if need be.
  4. Next color the pictures. I swear he likes his baby sister, and he even asked what her favorite color was despite the maniacally coloring over her face.
  5. Trim the pictures- he did his sister and I did his picture.
  6. Tape on the roll.
  7. Play!


    • admin says

      Oh goodness yes! Part of my lure to do a craft was ” Hey let’s choose your favorite picture of yourself and print it out!”

  1. says

    A–linking back to this *hilarious* post tomorrow if that’s okay w you…really this made me laugh so hard and my kids were ‘rolling’ on the floor playing with their ‘family’ paper rolls.


  1. […] they totally silly and ridiculous? Absolutely. I give full credit for this silliness to my pal, Allie, of No Time for Flashcards, who made them a few weeks ago and had her son color them.  They made me laugh so hard and got my […]

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