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There is so much awesome on the internet and our weekly link up is proof of that. I love reading your posts and can’t wait to see what you link this week ! Show us your best post of the week by linking it up ,leave a comment, and check out  the other links.


  1. says

    I love seeing what everyone shares. I’ve found some great blogs to follow from the Sunday Link Up. I also enjoy seeing the increase in traffic on my little blog. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  2. says

    I decided to go with a humorous post this week that got a lot of fun feedback over on my site. It’s a list of silly things we might have pondered while watching shows with our children…Read, laugh, and enjoy!!

    ~Chasing Supermom

  3. Ms. Jessi says

    What a great way to find new blogs! That means more fun ideas to find for my classroom!! Thanks for doing the link up!

  4. says

    Oh, what a hard time I had choosing this week! I linked something I wrote about the hard job of being a momma…. loving them so much that you aren’t afraid to be the “mean” momma and teach them the good things.
    I think readers here would also have enjoyed my link to our home-school exploration of an egg our chickens laid without a shell. It was so cool! Hop over to my silly little blog if you get a chance! :) It’s been an amazing week!

  5. says

    What fun! I’ve never participated (until today!), but I love the sharing of ideas and experiences. Thanks for providing this forum for the rest of us!

  6. says

    I’m just starting out my blog, but just added a new post on using snow to teach states of matter since I put my link in. I love checking out everyone’s sites. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn and share with one another. :)

  7. says

    this is our version of a “quilt”! (sorry- it’s entered twice on accident! Yikes! Can’t seem to figure out how to delete the first one! This is a great idea by the way! I will be checking out all the other links!

  8. Tabitha (A Penny Saved) says

    Thanks for the link-up! I had to share my giveaway for this week because it is going to be awesome with ELEVEN sponsors!!!


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