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    I know most people leave a link to a post about a learning activity…I almost always do when I link up here. However, I had such a great response with my post about my miscarriage over on my site, that I wanted to take the opportunity to possibly help more women going through the same thing.

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    I love all the links on this site! 🙂 Mine is a strategy that can be worked in to lots of toddler activities.

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    Thanks for the link up! I can’t wait to see some of the great activities. The wobble painting activity that I linked up could be used with very young children (infants-preschool) or with children with physical difficulties at an even older age! (of course, just about everyone loved it 🙂

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      Hey Danielle! Fancy meeting you here lol. I’m working on an Outdoor Survival Kit post and a list of 30 min Outdoor Activities for the 30 day challenge. I’ve told my boys about it too. We’re all excited to see if we can do it rain or shine.

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    Hi Allison. I’m such a fan of your site. I linked to a word scavenger hunt game that kids can play anywhere…even in the grocery store while you shop. Thanks for allowing the opportunity to share this with others.

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