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That post you wrote that rocked, the tutorial for that super awesome craft you made, the post you thought would take an hour to write but it took 4? Those are the posts we want to see. Link up your best from this past week because they deserve to be seen!  If you are new here or have never linked up , don’t be shy. Although the majority of links are early learning, homeschooling and crafts links don’t have to fit these genres they just have to be rad.   Have a great week.


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    Next week is Screen-free Week. I was thinking we would do all these fabulous outdoor activities and then I realised that my son didn’t really watch TV and so this was going to be a challenge for me and hubby. We’ll see how we go….

    Looking forward to seeing other ideas this week.

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    2nd time to join but have read a lot since I started reading your blog! Love the link ups!

    Made a mistake with title today but the link leads to my Tot School post for the week- we had a “Spring” theme!

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    This week’s post was about our construction of a secret garden house – a great springtime project for the kids, while you put in the garden. Also, this will please the mice, elves, fairies, and any woodland Borrowers living nearby.

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    Always love joining in this linky party and getting some great ideas! Thanks. Love the blog too and check in almost every day :)

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    We love being part of your linkup, and are so grateful for the work you do to organize it. Since April is also poetry month, we’ll be doing a spring poem/science/craft activty shortly (fingers crossed!)

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