Link & Learn From Your Archives!

Normally we post our best post of the week and please feel free to still do that today if you are itching to share something but every now and then I feel the urge to dust off old masterpieces! So dig back ( as far or not so far as you wish) and add something stupendous today. Let’s see what you got 😉  Have a wonderful week and if you haven’t joined out Parenting Book Club you still have time to read our April selection , trust me it’s a gem!


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    I actually put up both an oldie(number fish) and a new one(sunflowers), because I think the theme is great right now. Hope that’s ok… Thanks for hosting this lovely linkparty!

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    I know potty training isn’t really academic. And I don’t really give pointers on how to survive it. But I figured a little encouragement never hurts. :)


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    I shared a post about a Circular Cardboard Diorama I made back in January. Fun to use as the seasons change! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share with your readers! :)

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    I posted our favorite silly activity of the week and a Name Train Banner from our archives. The banner hangs in my son’s room and really helped him learn to recognize his name and learn the letters.

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