New Books!

by Carrie Anne

A love of books is important even before your kids can read. I hope to bring to you each month some new releases for the smallest ones in your family to enjoy.

My Little Carry Books: Colors

DK Books
Age 0-5 (board book)
Even as a colour concept book, My Little Carry Books: Colors has a cute rhyme flowing through the pages, making it even a fun read for mom and dad. Little ones will like the colourful objects illustrating the colour being talked about; the background colour also ads reinforcement. But the best part is the thick, reinforced handle at the end of the book, perfect for small hands. Now that spring is slowly creeping in, take your little one on a colour scavenger hunt; they’ll love carrying their own book to use as reference. There’s also My Little Carry Books: Animals with real photographic images of both pet and wild animals.


Pop-Up Peekaboo: Farm
DK Books
Age 0-5 (board book)
Kids will love discovering farm animals hiding within this sturdy pop-up book. The rhyme invites kids to help the other animals find under the eggs or behind the tree or in the barn. I love that the flaps are integrated into the page edge, making them much more resilient to little hands than flaps just stuck to the page. Kids will love that the animals hiding behind the flaps ‘jump out’ at them as pop-ups. The animals used or stuffed toys versus photos but I think that adds to the cuteness of the story. Along with reinforcing animals names (with the exception of Horse being called Horsey), kids will learn and love repeating the sounds the animals make. Each page in Pop-Up Peekaboo! Farm adds animals as you go through the pages (one chicken, two cows, up to five noisy animals), giving you a chance to practice counting. Pop-Up Peekaboo! Playtime is also in this series


Press Here
Chronicle Books (Raincoast Books)
written and illustrated by Hervé Tullet
Age 3+ (picture book)
There are no sounds. There are no flaps. There are no touch and feel spots. None of these special effects are needed to get kids to interact with Press Here. With a sturdy cover and slightly thick pages (though they can still rip), Press Here relies on a child’s inquisitive nature to keep the pages turning. The only illustration used throughout the whole book are dots, sometimes a lot, sometimes only one, in a few basic colours and one size (except near the end). Each page consists of an instruction, written simply at the bottom of the page : press here and turn the page. Each new page shows how the dot has reacted to their interaction in some way and offers words of encouragement (Great! or Perfect!) and then a new instruction. This goes on through the whole 56 page book. But once you and your kids start you’ll be drawn to going right to the end and then starting the book all over again. I couldn’t believe how involved my 4 and 6-year old got with this book. They laughed and really got into touching and shaking and turning the pages to see what would happen next. Even with all the technology and gadgets out there for kids, it’s great to see them get super excited from a simple image on a page.

Disclosure : I want to thank Chris from DK Canada and Crystal from Raincoast Books for my review copies.
Carrie Anne is a contributing writer on No Time For Flash Cards , she is a mom of 3 , Managing editor of and an avid reader. You can catch up with her on her blog  Another Day. Another Thought…Or Two
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    Before I started Gummy Lump I was going to become a seller of DK Books. They are just amazing! The graphics are wonderful and the pages are strong and really last. We have a bunch at home and they are some of our very favorites!

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