Monster Box

by Kim

This activity is a great one to keep tucked away for rainy days. You can use things from your craft stash and some regular household items.

What you will need are stickers or self adhesive craft foam pieces, chenille stems, and an empty box (we used a facial tissue box and a sandwich bag box).

This part is the easiest. Have your child cover the box with stickers and craft foam pieces.

While they are having fun you can make fun little appendages for your monster. We bent the chenille stems in zig zags and wrapped them around pencils to get a neat corkscrew look.

I simply poked small holes with a pencil and threaded the stems into the holes and bent the tip to keep them from coming out.

We cut out some white traingles and added some teeth.

What you have is one terrifyingly cute monster box.

Now your kids have a fun monster to play with. Our monsters ate random items and stored small toys.


Kim is a contributing writer for No Time For Flash Cards, a mom to a toddler, a preschooler, and a foster parent, too. She juggles her day by trying out fun activities and crafts with the kids. After all, she is just a big kid herself. See what she has been up to over at Mom Tried It.
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  1. says

    Very fun! We Made monsters out of plastic containers and bottles before and used them for decoration for a monster mash. Your little guy has really matured since the last time I’ve read your blog. I have a computer again, so now i can visit my favorite sites again. Take Care!

    Creative and Curious Kids!

    • admin says

      I am so happy to see you back Jen! Not sure if you were thinking that was my son but is actually Kim a contributing writer’s son ( who is the same age as mine though). So happy you are back online.

  2. the color palette: exploring art with kids says

    cute I’m going to have to get out our monster kit and make some monsters and this monster box 🙂

    this would be perfect the day I’m watching my nephew all day.


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