Silhouette Mother’s Day Card

mother's day craft for kids

I very shamelessly borrowed then modified this idea from my son’s preschool who sent a large canvas project home last year . You don’t have to make this a card, it would be precious framed as a gift for Mom or Grandma too!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 blank card or 2 large pieces of cardstock, a bath poof, plate, paint, double stick tape, contact paper, pen, scissors, crayons or colored pencils. As well as a picture of your child in profile.
  2. Start by cutting out the picture of your child. Tip use sharp fine pointed scissors. I luckily had 2 photos on hand, this is not the first which when cut with my dull old scissors made my son look rather alien-esque. Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a card from your martian child .
  3. Place on your contact paper and trace with your pen.
  4. Cut out. Make sure you place the picture in the right direction, I had to do this twice because I wanted the profile facing right. See a trend? I was up too late watching the news the night before.
  5. Peel the contact paper off the backing and place on card stock. Make sure to place it on the finished side , if it’s on the unfinished paper it may rip a little , it did for me, but I wasn’t going to have my daughter redo it , it looks ok but would have been better if I’d been paying closer attention or got more sleep.
  6. Pop some paint on the plate, dip your bath poof in it…
  7. And paint. She squished the poof in her hand for a good 3 minutes before attacking it. Yes it was messy. Unlike her brother she didn’t eat too much paint, bath poofs tend to elicit more touching with hands than tasting.
  8. Let dry.
  9. While it’s drying use another piece to make a mat , even though it’s behind it will look like a mat when it’s done. Color however you want, write words , whatever your child wants. The big guy put his playmobil away to come do the part his sister couldn’t . Although you could totally just add another color of paint to the plate and paint more. This was just a good way of making one craft with two siblings.
  10. Remove the contact paper and cut the silhouette out in an oval when dry.
  11. Tape to the mat using permanent double stick tape.
  12. Trim and tape to the card.

Besides this wonderful card( or equally awesome kid made creations)  what do you hope you are given this Mother’s Day?

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