Books About The Human Body

Parts by Tedd Arnold is so funny. Readers follow along as a 5 year old boy begins noticing things about his body he’d never noticed before like belly button lint, snot, peeling skin and more. His anxious assumptions about his body falling apart will have you in stitches. My 2 year old laughed and got most of the humor but slightly older children will be laughing hysterically at how silly the little boy’s worries are.

Germs Make Me Sick! (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2) (Reading Rainbow book) by Melvin Berger was a fascinating read that had my son who is 4.5 interested from cover to cover. It explains in detail how human bodies react to germs, including fighting them off, needing to go to the doctor to get medicine and how not to get them in the first place. I really enjoyed reading this with him, relating the info to his own experiences with germs and talking about how to stay healthy.  Another great book in my favorite science series for kids.

Is This My Nose? by Georgie Birkett is a board book that is perfect for babies and toddlers. The text is short and repetitive and asks the reader to find different body parts and praises the when they do. I read this to my son when he was 2.5  expecting him to proclaim it for babies, instead he lit up and showed me happily where all the body parts were. He loved it.

Here Are My Hands by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault is another book that takes the reader through different body parts and what they do. We enjoyed reading it and taking time to do the things that each body part was assigned to do. The page with ears bugs me though, I understand that saying ears are for washing and drying is a cute take on “wash behind your ears” but even at 2 my son looked at me and said ” No ears hear!”. Over all though we enjoyed this book and the big illustrations by Ted Rand that span two pages.

A Drop of Blood (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2) by Paul Showers is a fun vampire themed book about the circulatory system and more specifically what is in blood. I admit I learned a ton from this book and my son loved not only the cool facts like how much blood babies , kids and adults have in their bodies but also the fun illustrations.  Reading this one with “Germs Make Me Sick” works well and while there is some overlap they support each other well and your child will get a good grasp of the basic facts shared in both books.

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  1. Amanda says

    We LOVE Parts! At the end of my pregnancy when my hips began sliding out (PAINFUL!) my almost 5 year old told me “mom I guess you need some more glue because your parts aren’t staying together!” BWAHAHA

  2. says

    One of our favorites is THE HOLES IN YOUR NOSE, my son was always talking about how he couldn’t go under water b/c he had holes in his nose, so I got this book, and we laughed and laughed, it’s a Japanese book translated to English, and is great! There is an entire series, published by kane miller. You can find them at we’ll be studying the human body in more detail later this year! Can’t wait! A drop of blood is on our list, but I’ll have to check out parts, it sounds great!

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