Frustration Free Dry Erase Mazes

This week I dove into Pinterest full on. I love the ideas that are out there and for creative bloggers it’s this fine balance between getting inspired and feeling like everyone else has all the best ideas. After brushing myself off, telling myself not to act like my children I dove back in and fell in love. All of this is to explain that I got this idea from a pin – after seeing these great labyrinths from bloesem kids I thought how can I make it so it encourages writing but is low on the frustration meter. This is what we did.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a CD case, some plain paper, markers, scissors and dry erase markers.
  2. Start by taking the liner out of the cd case and tracing it to make your own liners – we made 4 by folding and layering the paper before cutting.
  3. Next make the mazes. Ok so you could totally print some off the internet too and I encourage you to do this because man making mazes isn’t super easy, but maybe I am just maze challenged.
  4. Pop them all in a stack and into your case facing the back . Now your child can do a few at a time or all in one sitting.
  5. Add your kid and dry erase – mistakes are no biggie and look , writing practice!
  6. If you make a mistake , just wipe and try again!

You really should check out bloesem kids they have some magnificent ideas.

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  1. says

    I’ve made workbooks for my daughter before using a binder and plastic sheet protectors that she can use dry erase markers on. They’re not so great for the car though as she can’t hold them on her lap so I love the cd case idea.
    Hmm, for something a little bigger I wonder whether maybe a picture frame could work – I’m thinking of those plastic ones with magnets you can get to put on the fridge perhaps (which would also make a storage option for easy grab and go potential).

  2. says

    Thank you for your blog.
    I found this idea so great… til I tried 🙁
    I don’t know why but i can’t erase the dry markers on the CD case. People told me that’s normal cause these markers work only on a white surface. Do you use special markers?

  3. Stacy says

    LOVE this idea. We also like to put the mazes into sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder. These are great to use with dry erase markers and offered a larger surface. One of my kiddos has some trouble with her eye sight and these are fun to play with when she has to wear her patch.


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