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We are going to try thumbnail links this week – leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you are new to Link&Learn it’s easy peasy, the hardest part is choosing which of your genius posts to link up. After you decide all you have to do is link up and check out some of these other creative posts from other participants.  Thanks for taking the time to share your best here with us and our community of parents and kids. Have a wonderful week .  * Now that I can see the thumbnails I love them too but wow they are too small, next week we’ll make them bigger. If I make them bigger now the existing ones will be blurry. Thanks for the comments *

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  1. says

    Hi Allie. I much prefer having photos in a linky – helps to pick out ideas you think will be just right for your kids. I think the ones this week are too small though as you can’t really see them (hard to get the size right I know, especially when you know there will be lots of people joining in.)


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