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If an I-Spy book and a sensory bin had a baby this is what they would wake up at 2am to feed. My son’s interests are geared mostly to games and pretend play these days and while most of our time is spent doing funny accents I like doing these  fun games that work on a bunch of skills in a short amount of time. This works on handwriting , reading and observation skills.

  1. Gather your materials. You can use almost anything , easy right? You need toys, and other small objects that your child can read but that aren’t too easy or it’s not going to be a 5 minute sparkler , it will be done in 30 seconds. So go around your house and trust me you’ll find things pretty fast. If your child is not a reader use colors or just the first letter. You will also need a bin, marker, sheet of card stock , and a crayon.
  2. Write out the words of all the objects on the card stock with marker.
  3. Pop the toys in the bin, hand your child the list. Stick around so if words are tricky you can help them try different strategies like using the objects for clues, sounding out the word or passing on to the next to return to it after.
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  1. Alicia says

    Simple yet brilliant! My son loved this game. We played twice and then he wanted to put stuff in the box for me to guess. He wrote the first letter of the objects on the paper. I was so impressed by how many objects he was sounding out the letters for! It is so amazing to watch them develop into readers. I have a feeling we will be playing this game again soon. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  2. says

    Love Love this idea!
    Really challenges their knowledge and engages them in a fun way while developing skills
    Very clever!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing
    I have your button on my blog as I have your website such a ‘treasure trove’!


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