Toddler Friendly Pumpkin Glittering

toddler glitter pumpkin craft

Carving a pumpkin with a toddler is not my idea of fun , especially without another adult handy for supervising the littles when you are doing the actual carving. I will leave the slimy insides ( that make my son gag – also not fun) and sharp knives for the weekend when my husband is handy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t decorate a pumpkin! I was just going to do this with my daughter who is 16 months old but my son came running to the playroom asking to join in. They had a great time and my foyer is all blinged out for halloween now!

  1. Gather your materials. You will want a drop cloth for this, white glue, glitter, paint brushes, a plate and a small stool, box or something else you don’t mind getting glitter on to hold the pumpkin at your toddler’s level so they can stand and move around as they create.
  2. Pour the glue onto a plate.
  3. Paint on the glue.
  4. “Wait for me I want to do it too Mom!” <— music to my ears!
  5. Shake the glitter on.
  6. Change glitter colors and keep shaking.
  7. Let dry overnight, gently shake any loose glitter off.
  8. Display!
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  1. says

    That is so cute. I bought 3 smaller pumpkins and we painted them the other day, it was so much fun. We have a couple of big ones to carve, but I haven’t done that in years and years so I’m putting it off and we might just have to paint or glitter those too.

  2. BMackey says

    thank you so much for this great idea! i did this with my 2 year old, and she had an absolute blast ‘salting’ her pumpkin. my 7 year old joined in the fun, and was kind of upset we set aside pumpkins to carve. he wanted to glitter them all!


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