Gross Motor Reading Game – Pizza Delivery

I didn’t know what to call this game because it uses so many skills . The player needs to recognize sizes , sound out words for the street names as well as recognize numbers for the house addresses. Also it incorporates gross motor and balance as they push the car along the streets. Of course I wouldn’t be posting an activity like this without making adaptations easy. The street names could be turned to letters  such as  A Street. B Street etc… and the houses could be colors instead of numbers!  My son who is almost 5 loves this game, we have played with with friends and alone over the past week. The best part is that new street names and house numbers can be added so easily!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a patch of floor, painter’s tape, some construction paper ( I used black, brown , orange and yellow), a glue stick, a marker , white paper and some sicssors. Oh and a toy car , my son wanted one with space to actually put the pizza in it so ours is huge. Use your favorite.
  2. Start by choosing the words you want to make into the street names.  The player will have to find the right address to deliver the pizza and will have to read all the streets they drive on. I chose to do all sm , sn and sp blends but any words will do. For us my son needed to work on sounding out so I chose words he wouldn’t be as apt to read by sight. Write them on white paper.
  3. Glue them on black construction paper and cut out.
  4. Next up make the houses. As you can see my goal is not perfection , it’s fun so as long as my son can tell it’s a house , I am happy. 
  5. Pop some numbers on the houses. Try to make some that are “easy” for your child, ones they will recognize immediately and some that are a challenge.
  6. Time for pizza. If your child is gaga for crafts have them make the pizza while you do the previous steps. We made 6 total – 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small.
  7. Don’t forget the pizzeria – ours is elaborate 😉
  8. Now create the road way with tape on your floor.
  9. Place the streets and houses with numbers on the roadway.
  10. Invite your player to come and deliver the pizzas! How to play:   Pretend to call the pizza place asking for any combo of the pizza sizes such as one large and two smalls.  Give them your address ( which of course is determined by the house on the street… so ours was #77 Smoke street ), then as they deliver the pizza they have to read the streets they use to get there.
  11. Keep going until all the pizzas are delivered!
  12. Switch up where each road is and move the houses around for the next round! This was such a hit we played for a long time.

Books About Pizza !

The Princess and the Pizza by Mary Jane and Herb Auch is really a cute re telling of the classic Princess and the Pea. They have modernized it and made it a little more feminist in the process, exactly my kind of book. The text is a little long for toddlers but my son sat through about half before wanting to go back and look at the illustration of the horse on the first page. The message is sweet, saying that a woman doesn’t need a man or marriage to attain her goals! Beware though it will make you crave pizza!

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) by Philomen Sturges is a great retelling of the classic story. Kids will be able to relate to this hen not getting any help for all her hard work. Luckily her friends realize their mistake and do the dishes after she shares her yummy pizza. Since originally recommending this book it’s made a move from the bookshelf to the dresser pile of books that are in rotation for before nap and bedtime reading. A sure sign it’s kid approved!

Pizza at Sally’s is another great look at a small business owner , and how she does her work everyday and feeds the masses with her yummy pizza! I like how it not only explains how to make pizza but it also looks at the ingredients and how they are grown and processed.  Of course it’s not explained in depth but it is explained enough to start a dialogue with interested preschoolers for further investigation.  My son loves the cat in this book, the same cat is in many of the other books but for some reason he particularly loves it’s presence in this one. It’s inspired me to make the dough from scratch with my son next time we have pizza!  A lovely book!

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  1. Valarie says

    Oh my word this is such a great idea! My son will love this. I can hear him asking to play this again & again. We’ll definitely be doing this tomorrow & then making homemade pizzas for lunch to tie in a little more fun & learning. Thank you for another awesome idea.

    P.S.Totally unrelated, but I was wondering if you have your pumpkin pancakes recipe posted anywhere else besides the p is for pumpkin post? When I click the link to go to the recipe it gives me an error page. We love that recipe & for some reason I never wrote it down.??

  2. says

    This is a perfect activity that can be used for homework for my students…I am a speech pathologist (and blogger) always looking for new ideas for therapy and homework! I’m pinning this for sure! Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  3. Tami Valentine says

    This game looks really neat! It incorporates many skills.
    Another good book about pizza is Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig . All 3 of my kids loved this book. It’s about a little boy that is “made” into a pizza by his father. He rolls him in dough, sprinkles cheese, etc…and is really ticklish to Pete. It’s a cute one.

    • admin says

      We haven’t played it in a while – but usually these activities would be done during nap time. I know Allie isn’t napping but maybe you could make her some with colors or numbers to play with at the same time?

  4. Maecy says

    Thank you! We did this and had so much fun. Just a little adaptation for math for my olders. I had them convert the inches of each road into miles. Distance, rate, and time problems. Some questions abt mapping the shortest distance from one place to another, and questions abt how much pavement needed for each road and how to find the exact center of a road. It was really fun. The littles enjoyed making and delivering pizzas and the olders were happy to see math applied in a fun situation.


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  2. […] Another great game for students who need to be more physical, Pizza Delivery combines several other types of learning along with articulation. While setup for this game may take a bit more work on the front end, the tools can be laminated and incorporated over and over. Using masking tape or painters tape, develop a series of “roads” on the floor. Then create houses and street signs. Each street can be named using words with sounds the student is currently working to master. Using a toy car, the student must “deliver” a pizza to the correct house using the directions given and pronouncing the street names as he drives on them. For complete instructions visit […]

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