Celebrate New Years – Kid Art Retrospective


My kids have been busy playing with their new toys, my son has been  building Legos and my daughter has been pushing babies around the house with her new buggy. I wanted to do something special to celebrate the amazing year we had so while they were playing I ran upstairs, found the bin of art and made an art gallery of their 2011 creations.  It was a fun way to spend snack time and look back at our favorite pieces from 2011.


  1. Gather your materials. You will need your children’s art , painters tape ( so you don’t muck up the walls) , some snacks ( all gallery openings have snacks! ) , as well as something to use as a sign, and to write a blurb about the artists.
  2. I sorted through my kids’ art that made it to the keep bin in my son’s closet. I have a canvas bin in the corner of this closet that we run art into that passes the keep test. I also put in almost everything my daughter makes. She’ll get her own bin soon.
  3. I put the art up at their and slightly above their eye level. I was careful to have things my daughter made at a level she could touch… and as you will see that was a huge hit with her to be able to touch the pieces she made, and is clearly proud of.
  4. Make a sign for the door.
  5. Don’t forget a blurb about the artists.
  6. I put out art related books in the reading nook too.
  7. Add some snacks.
  8. Invite your guests of honor. I wish I’d done this when my parents were still in town because my kids loved seeing their art and showing it off to their dad, they would have loved showing it off to their grandparents too.
  9. I loved that she gravitated towards her own art.
  10. My son showed off the pieces he loved making – marshmallow art is his favorite. No clue why.
  11. After her brother had his treats , and gave a quick gallery talk about when he made this or that he went back to legos, but my daughter stayed looking forever. I see many more museum trips in our future, although she has already been to one of my favorite museums with me.
  12. Then we read a few books and quietly had another cookie. Here are some great fine art books to check out .  

Happy New Year !

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  1. Marlleen says

    Love, love, love this idea! I just finished putting our kids’ art in our main hallway. our hallway is pretty wide and long so it’s perfect plus we already have a few framed pieces of art hanging in there so i added the kids’ art around those. i made “about the artist” sheets for them as well as a sign. the kids will see it first thing tomorrow morning, on 12/31. can’t wait to see their faces!! 🙂

  2. says

    Love this and your wall of art is beautiful. I love seeing it all together. I need to be better about saving samples… I usually just snap a picture and recycle everything. Maybe I’ll finally get my act together and get an art book or poster made with the digital photos in 2012. I am going to try doing a gallery like this each month before I toss things. My son would love it but my 1 yr old daughter would probably even be more into it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Natalie says

    Well I must say that finding this website via pinterest has been an asset to me already (only been on it 20-30 minutes) lol and I am enjoying the offerings and most of all your heart and the mission statement! Thankyou for this as I am new to the kindergarten class as a teacher and love the fact that their are untradional subjects included (my highlight)”Fine Art” section is a jewel! Thanks again!

    Blessings and Kudos


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