Playdough Play – Toy Prints

We play with playdough daily, usually more than once. My daughter is fascinated with it and her favorite thing to do with it is to press objects into the playdough and make prints. This was not a planned post at all, and all the photos were taken with my phone since I didn’t want to interrupt her play to grab my camera that was downstairs. Simple discovery play like this is my favorite and such a fun way to connect with your toddler.


We started with our playdough and usual cookie cutters. I usually switch the cutters and color of playdough out every few weeks. Then she grabbed this light up wand of her brothers and started making prints. She was in giggly heaven, especially since it lit up every time she hit it hard enough into the play dough.

Then we grabbed some duplo and made prints . These we all agreed looked like cheezits!

We flipped the duplo over and made little “buttons” and she very carefully pressed each one.

Her giggles and my photo snapping attracted the attention of my son who brought over a gear to press into the playdough.

Activities like these that use toys you have in new and novel ways with a sense of discovery ” Hey what sort of print with that block make?” is such and easy activity but trust me it will go on for a long time, happily! We also used little people which if you press the bottom into the playdough make a shape rather reminiscent of a nipple. My nursing daughter pointed that out to me right away , the picture was rather life like so I skipped it. Other fun toys were train tracks ( skip the trains the playdough will get stuck in the wheels) and chunky puzzle pieces .


  1. says

    Play doh is the best! Little man was playing just this morning as well. One of my activities that I use to calm him when working with my older two.

    Happy New Year!

  2. says

    We love playdough around here too. And learned the hard way about the train tracks recentelly, I’m still trying to dig it out of Thomas’s wheels.

  3. pat a pupp says

    We love playdough!! I miss making homemade playdough …We got a puppy now and cant have homemade playdough around dogs it makes them sick if they eat it ..But for some reason store bought playdough is safe according to the vet.

  4. says

    Hooray! A way to play with play dough we haven’t discovered yet! We’ve made animal footprints and pressed marbles into play dough, but haven’t tried this stamp-type technique. I love this idea, and I think my kids will too!

    Thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

    • admin says

      I love buttons hidden in it , but that’s on hold thins time around because little miss is such an eater of all small items that aren’t edible…


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