50 Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids

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outside activities with kids

Spring is almost here and it will be summer before we know it , here are 50 simple outdoor activities to get your kids outside without breaking the bank. Activities with kids don’t have to be elaborate so browse the list of fun things to do and get outside!

  1. Paint like Monet.
  2. Go on a bug hunt.
  3. Run through a sprinkler.
  4. Melt some crayons in the sun
  5. Play in a sandbox.
  6. Investigate your yard with a magnifying glass .
  7. Paint some rocks with watercolors.
  8. Wash the paint away with the hose.
  9. Hunt for “dinosaur” bones.play outside
  10. Play with a hose.
  11. Play Angry Birds ( with water balloons).
  12. Hose down some chalk letters and shapes.
  13. Ride a bike or scooter around the block. activities with kids
  14. Plant something ( anything) in the garden.
  15. Mix some colors with water balloons.
  16. Play with a water table or make your own.gross motor activities for kids
  17. Climb up a tree, a wall or a jungle gym.
  18. Make some bird feeders and feed some birds.
  19. Have a backyard toy car wash .
  20. Wash a real car .
  21. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. eat outside as a family
  22. Have a family meal outside.
  23. Dig in the dirt.
  24. Jump in puddles.
  25. Have a soccer shoot out all you need is a ball big enough to kick .
  26. Paint with a fly swatter
  27. Pick some apples and have an impromptu snack under the trees.
  28. Make a nature collage.
  29. Take a dog for a walk.
  30. Put down some painter’s plastic, grab a hose and have a homemade slip and slide!
  31. Make a stepping stone for your garden.nature acticities for kids
  32. Catch and release some frogs.
  33. Go for a hike.
  34. Color the patio with sidewalk chalk.
  35. Play catch with a ball ( or water balloons on a hot day).outside art projects for kids
  36. Paint like Jackson Pollock.
  37. Take some books outside and read under a tree.
  38. Go on a photo scavenger hunt.
  39. Spray paint.
  40. Graffiti the driveway.hiking with kids
  41. Stack and balance rocks.
  42. Have an ice cream taste test.
  43. Go on a sound safari.
  44. Find, sort and make a leaf scrapbook.
  45. Make a treasure map and find treasure.
  46. Host the mini Olympics.beach lessons
  47. Explore shells, crabs and rocks at the beach.
  48. Make mud pies.
  49. Pick Flowers and paint with them.
  50. Find shapes in the clouds.

Like our 75 TV Free Activities for Toddlers the majority of these pictures were taken from my iPhone because most of these are just simple everyday things we did and you can do without too much planning or cost. Of course I have a few of our favorite more elaborate activities too , but nothing will break the bank.

What outside activity for kids  would you add to the list?

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  1. says

    Paint the pavement with water and watch it evaporate.

    We also have a little water tablets got a lot of use this summer. The two year old likes to take the opportunity to make mud with the water, then strip off and cover finself in it. That’s normal, right?

  2. Ann Marie says

    You must be up north. While I would love to have my kid do most of these activities, here in Texas it gets dangerously hot (100+ degrees) and we are unable to spend a lot of time outside. 🙁

    • admin says

      Ann Marie – we are, these would be great for Spring or late fall in Texas . Half our family is in Texas and there is a reason they visit us in the summer and we visit them in the winter. You have inspired me though perhaps I should piece together a fun list of things to do in the air conditioning!

      • Ann Marie says

        Yes, these would definitely be great in the spring or fall. For summer we could do the water activities to help cool off, though. I love the Angry Birds water balloons idea and already I’m thinking of ways to build a big slingshot! 🙂 I also like the artwork ideas as well so I can teach my kid about artists like Monet and Pollock.

  3. Megan says

    I love your website. I am a former teacher, now stay at home mom and childcare provider. I have seen many websites, and this one is easy to navigate and full of fun, simple ideas that all children should be afforded the opportunity to experience in their childhood. It’s now a favorite I know I will reference many times over. Thank you and keep on this great path.

  4. says

    Hi, I enjoyed reading through your post, also love the images used. Outdoor activities are becoming rare now, especially kids are now spending more of their time with TV or computer video games. This is really an alarming situation for parents. Now it’s a huge responsibility for every parent to find creative ideas to engage their kids in some sort of fun outdoor activities, and you are providing a great help in this regard.

    Thanks for the great ideas:)

  5. Kathleen Straube says

    Great list! One of the activities I did with my 4 grandkids last summer at our beach house was beach sandcastings (complete kits are available at beachandnatureco.com). It was easy, fun and inexpensive and we ended up with some marvelous keepsakes of our day together.

  6. says

    Hang a sheet or three on a clothesline in your yard. Watch your kids run amok and invent games. For a fun reminder of your summer, use a plain white cotton table cloth. Fill a few small spray bottles with liquid fabric dye. Hand bottles to kids. Let them spray and make handprints then use your tablecloth in the chilly snow and rain as a reminder of sunny times to come.

  7. Bethany says

    Thank you for the fabulous list – you’ve offered a great variety of activities that cater to any interest level! The weather is just starting to warm up here in AB, and my two year old son and I are anxious to get outdoors and explore! Will definitely be using this as a reference throughout the season.

  8. Candi says

    As a former teacher, I have some ideas to keep kids entertained indoors. Make paper helicopters from folding the paper in half. Then cut the top half in half perpendicular to the fold lines, stopping at the fold. Next, cut on the top folded line one third of the way on each side. Fold each third of the top in half to make two helicopter blades. Bend these in opposite directions. Cut the lower fold one third of the way on each side. Fold each third to make the middle piece. Finally, fold the bottom piece up at the tip to give the helicopter some weight at the bottom. Drop the copter from a second floor railing and watch it twirl. Making the blades wider or different lengths, varies the speed of the drop. Kids get excited over this activity.

  9. says

    Thanks for this. No matter how common sense some seem, it is sometimes just so hard for a single dad of twin 2-year old girls to REMEMBER or take the time to just get out and do creative things. I especially like the “eat dinner outside, and read books under a tree” ideas. well, yeah. I do it as an adult. Why not with my girls!? Thanks again.

  10. Sharon says

    Throw out 500 pennies in the grass and have a penny hunt! kids get to keep all the pennies they find……..we do this every year at our annual summer fundraiser and it keeps the kids busy for quite a while! We end up finding stray pennies the rest of the summer….they don’t interfere with the mower, however, because they sink in the grass


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