Easter Bunny Craft For Kids

Easter Craft For KidsThis is a fun and easy Easter craft for kids. We did this at a play date where the ages ranged from 20 months to 8 years old and every kid loved it!  I am going to do a variation of this with and Easter Egg and more paint colors for the Sunday school class I am teaching  this week. Kids love using silly things like big marshmallows to paint and that novelty is a great way to make holiday crafts like these a little more special.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some big marshmallows. construction paper, scissors, white paint, glue, a plate or two and some Easter grass.easter crafts for toddlers
  2. Start by drawing and cutting out an outline of a bunny in a few different colors of construction paper. I let the kids choose the colors. easter bunny craft
  3. Spread some paint on a plate and pop in the marshmallows. marshmallows for crafts
  4. Paint! easter activities for 2 year olds
  5. The marshmallows were stamping like crazy! easter crafts for kids
  6. My daughter ( who was the youngest) spent a good amount of time squishing her marshmallow but amazes us all that it never even grazed her mouth.
  7. After painting the kids chose another sheet of paper , added glue and popped the bunny on.
  8. Then we added a little more  glue for the grass at the bottom. My son and his buddy worked together to get the stubborn glue from the bottle. This craft time was packed with the kids helping each other , both of us moms were taken aback by how we really had nothing to do but take pictures and get a paper towel for one glue spill.
  9. The grass got added on and my daughter peeled her bunny off a few times. Apparently she wanted to add the grass then the bunny, once that was understood it was all good.  Then we let them dry while the four played.  I love how each bunny was unique. kids crafts for easter

Easy Easter Color Match

easter activity for toddlers

After we did this I had a few bunnies left over, silly me wasn’t expecting my son or his buddy to want a black or red bunny so we had a few more traditionally colored Easter ones left over.  I grabbed them and a few plastic eggs and my daughter and I played color match. Short little games like these are really the bulk of our Mama directed learning. We spend a few minutes here, a few minutes there with my ideas and the rest of the time I follow her explorations. She is just starting to learn her colors so small bursts are a perfect way to introduce it.



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