How To Make A Bird Bath

DIY bird bath

I don’t usually re-do other bloggers ideas but when I saw this DIY Bird Bath ,  I knew my son would love it. We get a lot birds in our yard and we love making it more friendly for them. We had a great time painting this while my daughter took the longest nap ever . It was much needed mama and son time and I like how cheery the bird bath is in my back yard even if it does resemble the Stanley Cup.

To see the original inspiration and the how to pop over to The Culinary Cougar.

Here are a few other bird crafts we have done over the years .

crafts for kids

Bird Treats
Yarn Nest
Bird Collage
Paper Birds
Recycled Bird Feeder

Books About Birds

Birds by Kevin Henkes , illustrated by Laura Dronzek is stunning. I love this author but this book is absolutely about the pictures. The cover is beautiful but there are pages that I just wanted to look at the way I look at paintings at a museum. The book is perfect for toddlers and young preschooler, it’s non fiction , simple and has a great flow. The colors are so vibrant I would bet that infants would dig it too! Awesome awesome awesome!

Riki’s Birdhouse by Monica Wellington. I have known about this book for ages but today was the first time I had the pleasure of reading it with my daughter. Like her brother she immediately loved the author/ illustrator and it’s not hard to see why. Wellington’s illustrations are bright and practically tell the story so even toddlers can follow along independently. This story is about Riki who loves and cares for the birds in his yard. He makes them a house, leaves scraps for them to pick up and nest with and of course feeds them. I love how this author keeps the main story simple but interesting while adding in informative asides for older kids or adults. At the end of the book there are instructions for all the projects Riki participated in in the story.  You can see more books by this author on her author showcase.

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  1. [email protected] Vanilla Mom says

    Oh you did the birdbath! It looks great! I have that pinned and am hoping to do it soon. I am hoping our three older kids will be interested in each painting a pot.

  2. Betty Farnsworth says

    I had something like this but then a neighboring cat jumped up on it and caught a bird. For a while no birds came. So if you have wandering cats I would be careful of putting anything that low to the ground. I learned my lesson.


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