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kids craftsToday my baby turns two and in her honor I hope that everyone chooses 2 awesome links to add to our link up. If you have just stumbled upon our blog welcome and let me tell you a bit about what Link & Learn is all about. Every week I invite readers who are also bloggers to link up to activities on their blogs. Our goal is to make a weekly master list of fun and activities for kids. We aren’t exclusive, in fact we love new participants and welcome anyone wanting to join in.

I hope your week is filled with fun and laughter!


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  1. Dee Spally (@daxep) says

    It’s not mine, but it’s one blog I go onces and again. It has recipies, crafts, trips, books.. lot of things. The only problem is that it is in Spanish cuz Im spanish. But some things doesn’t need more than the picture. Even that.. if you need translantion, let me know.

    the url:

    I hope you like it

    I’m thinking of making one blog to share things like you. So when I have it, I’ll write the url over here, ok?

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