Messy Sensory Tubs For Kids

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messy sensory tubs for kids Sensory tubs are fun and messy sensory tubs are even more fun, at least for the kids. Summer is a perfect time to take these outside and not worry about your floors while your kids explore. I am asked often how I handle sensory tubs and pouring everything out . If you saw this instagram showing my daughter pouring rice out you know I am not immune to this and you may notice it was taken outside on our porch. She is in a messy phase and I don’t want to just stop sensory exploration so I head outside too . The way I handle pouring out of the tub is that accidental spillage is no biggie but pouring it on the floor for the sake of pouring it on the floor gets one warning. If it happens again the tub is removed or child redirected to another activity but the key to getting them over this is you try again, same rules.

Mud Soup
Beach Sensory Tub
Ice Fishing
Coffee Grounds Sensory Exploration
Alphabet Sensory Tub
Shaving Cream Fireworks
Ocean Sensory Tub
Butterfly Sensory Tub
Cloud Dough
Rainbow Gelatin Sensory Tub
Swamp Sensory Tub
DIY Water Table
Spring Bird Seed Sensory Tub

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  1. Gaby says

    My daughter who is 4 now has always enjoyed getting messy as much as she can! As I was reading your blog I started colouring pasta. We will sure enjoy the cloud dough and the swamp. I can’t wait. Awesome resources!

  2. Paulina says

    My son is 2.5 and he hates to get dirty. How do I encourage him to play? He is ok with sand, and dry stuff, but anything muddy or soft he won’t touch. He just recently started to play with play dough. Until now he was afraid to touch it….

    • Allison McDonald says

      It’s not at all an uncommon thing for kids to be apprehensive about messy play. Both my kids went through various stages of it. My number one thing is don’t push, it’s likely a phase. Try the activities and play with them yourself as an example , try them when you have a playdate and let the other kids be examples too. Also try to use themes your kids love to add a familiar and comfortable element to the new and not so comfortable material.


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