Rainbow Painting – Simple Summer Crafts

kids craft rainbowRainbows make people happy even if they don’t look exactly like a rainbow. This simple art project was easy to set up and my daughter and I had fun painting rainbows using combs instead of paint brushes. It was the perfect short little craft to reconnect with her after returning home from a weekend away. When I suggested we paint rainbows she went running for the playroom and pointing out that she was already wearing a rainbow shirt. Clearly it was meant to be.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need paint in rainbow colors , a dish , combs ( bought at the dollar store) andpaper. painting project for kids
  2. Pour the paint into the dish making sure it’s in the right order. Red , orange, yellow, green , blue and purple.
  3. Dip in the comb.
  4. Spread! I just let her explore using the teeth and the back of the comb.
  5. I think the end result was awfully awesome.
  6. The others were made by my bigger hands , going back and forth a few times using both sides of the combs. It was fascinating to watch the colors spread and when I made one she was enthralled. ” Make ‘nother rainbow Mama!” so I did.

Want some more rainbow ideas?  We have a bunch more rainbow projects for you here !




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